Sorry for outage on January 6th 2016

06.01.2016 16:38:56

Hey guys, on January 6th this website had severe outage. It was caused by the provider (RedHat OpenShift) and resolved by moving the application to my own infrastructure. This means:

  1. For US users it will be a little bit slower (each request for about 100ms), because until this moment the website was in US. On the other hand for european users it will be a little bit faster, because now the server is located in EU.
  2. The website will be a little bit faster overall, because now it's on a much better hardware. On the other hand it now shares it's space with other applications, so there may be short outages in coming hours / days in order to fine-tune it.
  3. The application has moved from to (lost "www." prefix) which wasn't possible with the old architecture.

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