Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 9/2016

06.03.2016 07:00:00

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SQL Server

SQL SERVER – Where is Row(s) Affected in Output?
SQL SERVER – Unable to start SQL Server Agent – Failed to initialize SQL Agent log
My Favorite System Column: LOG_REUSE_WAIT_DESC
SQL Server Linked Server Connection Test
SQL SERVER – Instance Definition Working with Oracle and SQL Server


Building JSON Documents from Relational Tables
Announcing Barman 1.6.0
BRIN for PostGIS: my story at the Code Sprint 2016 in Paris
Replacing EAV with JSONB in PostgreSQL
Extended the call for papers for "5432…MeetUs!"


Graphing MySQL performance with Prometheus and Grafana
Percona Live featured talk with Mark Callaghan - Keynote speaker: RocksDB
Deals of a "Live" time: $5 Percona Live Keynote Passes!
How to Mitigate DROWN CVE-2016-0800
Taking the new MySQL 5.7 JSON features for a test drive


Oracle Database Cloud Service vs Amazon Relational Database Service
Oracle's SQL Tuning Advisor and SQL Developer
Advice on Finding Your Way Around a New Oracle Database
SQL Monitoring without MONITOR Hint
Loading LOB from a file


Managing a Six-Figure Ad Budget with SQL

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