Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 50/2015

13.12.2015 01:07:20

Top SQL Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:

SQL Server

SQL SERVER – Easy Way to Import and Export SQL Server Data
SQL SERVER – Free Database Search and Dependency Analysis
Filtered Indexes: Just Add Includes
SQL SERVER – Discussion on understanding NUMA
SQL SERVER – InMemory Tables on SQL Azure DB


Meet the newest member of the PostgreSQL community: MongoDB, Inc.
Grouping data by timestamp and interval
Check your pg_dump compression levels
Postgres and JSON with Node - hands on with MassiveJS
The Database and IoT: An Important Union


attached_condition: How EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON can spell-check your queries
rows_examined_per_scan, rows_produced_per_join: EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON answers on question “What number of filtered rows mean?”
MariaDB 5.5.47 and updated connectors now available
How to Extract Data Points From a Chart
Press Release: Severalnines adds silver lining to database management for


Oracle Data Pump in RAC
10 Years & Counting, Rock On
12 Scalar Subquery
Managing plans – identifying which plans have been used


An Unemotional Logical Look At SQL Server Naming Conventions
One Dimensional Clustering in Postgres
Database Design for the Dental Office
Advent Calendar: Tip #8 – How to name a primary key
Advent Calendar: Tip #9 – How to create multiple references between two tables

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