Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 5/2016

08.02.2016 00:05:31

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SQL Server

Introducing Our Latest Employee, Richie Rump (aka @Jorriss)
Interview Question of the Week #057 – What is GO in SQL SERVER?
SQL SERVER InMemory OLTP: Understanding Optimistic Multi-Version Concurrency Concepts
When Shrinking Tempdb Just Won't Shrink
SQL SERVER – SSIS – Get Started with the For Loop Container – Notes from the Field #113


PgBouncer 1.7 – "Colors Vary After Resurrection"
Database Compatibility for Oracle Explained
Always Do This #4: Put stats_temp_directory on a memory file system
Dutch Public Health Care Overhaul Benefits Open Source Adoption
Waiting for 9.6 – Support parallel joins, and make related improvements.


InnoDB and TokuDB on AWS
Measuring Percona Server Docker CPU/network overhead
New GIS Features in MySQL 5.7
Percona Live Crash Courses: for MySQL and MongoDB!
Experimental Percona Docker images for Percona Server


Partitioned Bitmap Join
Parallel DML
The Oracle wait interface granularity of measurement
Auto-backups of PLSQL source


Calculating Expected Value vs. Actual Results for Super Bowl Contenders
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