Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 47/2015

22.11.2015 00:22:21

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SQL Server

SQL SERVER – Looking Inside SQL Complete – Advantages of Intellisense Features
Stop People From Changing Tables with This One Trick
SQL SERVER – Puzzle with Miliseconds – Win USD 50 Amazon Gift Card
SQL SERVER – T-SQL Window Function Framing and Performance – Notes from the Field #103
Introduction to Storage Spaces Direct for SQL Server


Improve database resiliency with new JDBC Connectors and EDB Failover Manager
PostgreSQL on SSD - 4kB or 8kB pages?
Waiting for 9.6 – Generate parallel sequential scan plans in simple cases.
Mind the GaaP
LISTENing connections aren't cheap


Amazon Aurora – Looking Deeper
InnoDB holepunch compression vs the filesystem in MariaDB 10.1
MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.22 and Connector updates
The client library, part 3: Building MySQL client applications
Need a quick MySQL 5.7 PHP Vagrant environment?


Oracle 12c in-memory option and IO
CLOBS, from 11g to 12c
Making Your Own Custom Object Navigators
You dont need that sequence number
Did it really fix it 2: Plan flip, unprofileable, baseline OFE round 2 and “stability”


SQL Joins For Data Analysis
Naming Conventions in Database Modeling
Data Vault Series (4) – Building an Information Mart with Your Data Vault
Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 46/2015

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