Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 46/2016

06.11.2016 07:00:00

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SQL Server

10th Anniversary of SQL Authority – Thank YOU!
Lessons Learned From Working in the Clouds
Silent Demo: The Plan Cache
Why You Should Test Your Queries Against Bigger Data
The Halloween Problem


How to Be the Master of Your Database Domain
Announcing availability of PostgreSQL instance level encryption
Unclogging the VACUUM at PGConf EU
Securing PostgreSQL at PGConf EU
Data Backup Made Easy


Percona Server for MongoDB 3.2.10-3.0 is now available
The Future of TokuDB at Percona
Percona responds to CVE-2016-6663 and CVE-2016-6664
MySQL Server bootstrapping and dictionary initialization
Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) Information Script


Code enhancements without changing code
Version 4.2 Work Continues – Keep up the Feedback and Comments!
So Long ACED
Running SQL*Plus from a Python script
Creating and Reading SPSS and SAS data sets in R


Basic Python Object
Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 43/2016

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