Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 43/2016

30.10.2016 07:00:00

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SQL Server

My How to Think Like the Engine Class is Now Free – and Open Source
SQL SERVER – Configuring Startup Options for SQL Server Management Studio
Learn Advanced Query Tuning in Washington DC
PowerShell – Script to Listing all Backups Taken with SQL Server
First Responder Kit Update: sp_BlitzCache Catches Cursors, Scalar Functions, and More


Why it's Cool to be an OLTP Database Again
EDB Postgres Plays Leading Role in Open Source-Based DBMS Gartner Magic Quadrant
Postgres-XL Scalability for Loading Data
Waiting for PostgreSQL 10 – postgres_fdw: Push down aggregates to remote servers.
0.3.0 is out!


Thoughts on MySQL 8.0 Invisible Indexes
Announcing MyRocks in Percona Server for MySQL
MySQL 8.0 Labs: [Recursive] Common Table Expressions in MySQL (CTEs), Part Three – hierarchies
MySQL 8.0: Retiring support for libmysqld
Percona Poll: What Database Technologies Are You Using?


Anniversary OICA
ASH script to show query run times
What's the Difference between Row Migration and Row Chaining?
The curious case of the missing semctl call
Creating an Oracle REST Data Services User with the ‘SQL Developer' Role


Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 42/2016

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