Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 37/2016

18.09.2016 07:01:21

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SQL Server

Announcing An Easier Way to Share Execution Plans
How We Architected Paste The Plan
Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Explaining the Architecture Through System Views
Learn to Use sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzFirst, and sp_BlitzIndex with These Tutorial Videos
SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Playing with Datetime with Customer Data


Near-Zero Downtime with New Postgres Failover Manager
A tour of Postgres' Foreign Data Wrappers
Advanced Postgres Monitoring!
Back to the Future Pt. 1: Introduction to pg_rewind
Yandex Oracle -> Postgres migration


The MySQL 8.0.0 Milestone Release is available
Percona Server Critical Update CVE-2016-6662
Is Your Database Affected by CVE-2016-6662?
MySQL 8.0: Faster batch record retrieval
MySQL 8.0: Persisting configuration variables


SQL Developer Release Party: Download all the Things
My 3rd Book is now officially released
Oracle Text, Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining - Part 4
Basicfile LOBs 6
Space Usage


SQL Symbol Cheat Sheet
Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 36/2016

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