Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 31/2016

24.07.2016 07:02:56

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SQL Server

Well, That Sucked: Laying Off Half the Company
SQL SERVER – Tracking Database Dependencies
Free DBA Tools for SQL Server Professionals – Notes from the Field #133
SQL SERVER – Delayed Durability, or The Story of How to Speed Up Autotests From 11 to 2.5 Minutes
New Windows Clustering Course for SQL Server DBAs by Edwin Sarmiento


Our journey from Graph Databases to PostgreSQL
Speed up getting WAL files from Barman
Evolution of Fault Tolerance in PostgreSQL: Time Travel
Report from DatabaseCamp, NYC
PG Phriday: The Audacity of NoSQL


The Value of Database Support
All the Webinar Replays for the MySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL DBA
Upcoming Webinar Wednesday July 20, 11 am PDT: Practical MySQL Performance Optimization
ClusterControl Tips & Tricks - Best Practices for Database Backups
MariaDB 10.1.16 now available


Designing Foreign Keys, PT II
SQLDev at Oracle Open World 2016
Investigating kernel dives using ftrace.
What is the instance name?
Spreadsheet-like Totals and Subtotals


SQL Server 2016: what's new ?
Creating Ranked Position Time Series with SQL
Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 28/2016

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