Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 31/2015

02.08.2015 01:01:40

Top SQL Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:

SQL Server

SQL SERVER – Free SQL Complete Add-in For SSMS
SQL SERVER – Error: Msg 245 – Conversion failed when converting the varchar value ‘Inactive’ to data type int
SQL SERVER – DevOps for the DBA – Notes from the Field #091
Proactive SQL Server Health Checks, Part 4 : ERRORLOG
SQL SERVER – How to Remove All Characters From a String Using T-SQL?


PipelineDB: streaming Postgres
Postgres 9.5 Features Presentation
Presenting JSONB data as a traditional relation for Hibernate and JPAs
Postgres 9.6 feature highlight: pg_basebackup and replication slots
Texas Trip: DjangoCon and Postgres Open


MySQL QA Episode 9: Reducing Testcases for Experts: multi-threaded
Multi-source replication in MySQL 5.7 vs Tungsten Replicator
MariaDB 10.1.6 now available
Why base64-output=DECODE-ROWS does not print row events in MySQL binary logs
MySQL QA Episode 10: Reproducing and Simplifying: How to get it Right


Optimizing the PL/SQL Challenge VII: Removing Function Calls
IS JSON or IS NOT JSON, That is VERY EASY to Figure Out
My Friend Karen
It Isn’t The Index
Creating standby database inc DG Broker and 12c changes


Defining Drill Downs in Drupal Views
External Database Views As Drupal Views
Movie theater reservation system – database design
How to ETL Data into and out of Amazon Redshift
SQL Server – Indexing strategies: Clustered, NonClustered, and Filtered indexes

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