Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 26/2017

02.07.2017 07:13:05

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SQL Server

SQL SERVER – Alternative of Log Shipping in Simple Recovery Model
SQL Server – How to Get Column Names From a Specific Table?
Temp table quiz
SQL SERVER – MSDB Database Uncontrolled Growth Due to Queue_messages. How to Clear All Messages From a Queue?
Introducing sp_AllNightLog: Log Shipping at Scale, Open Source


A quick check on Postgres 10 Beta Analytics Performance vs version 9.6
PG Phriday: Uptown Func
Postgres Open Silicon Valley line-up: First take
#213: Dexter - An Automatic Indexer for Postgres


SSL Connections in MySQL 5.7
Webinar Thursday June 29, 2017: Choosing a MySQL® High Availability Solution
Industry Recognition of Percona: Great Products, Great Team
How Does Percona Software Compare: the Value of Percona Software and Services
MySQL Encryption at Rest - Part 2 (InnoDB)


How the EU GDPR will affect the use of Machine Learning - Part 1
Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service
Top Ten Travel hints and Tips
Read Oracle Database 12.2 New Features Manual
Three (3) Things You're Not Using But Totally Should Be


Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 25/2017
Periscope Data | June Product Updates: More Database Support, Management Options, and More

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