Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 23/2018

10.06.2018 07:04:55

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SQL Server

First Responder Kit Release: Just When You Think There's Nothing New Left To Do
Extended Events, the system_health Session, and Waits
How Table Variables Mess With Parallelism
Announcing a Very Special #SQLFamily Webcast with Dr. David DeWitt
SQL SERVER – Script to Identify Memory Used By Each Database


Diwata - an advanced GUI for PostgreSQL with focused on data and relationship with each other: owned, direct or indirect. Feedback is much appreciated.
plpgsql_check can identify variables with wrong type used in predicates and breaks index usage
Fun with SQL: Window Functions in Postgres
Projects migrated
Will Postgres Live Forever?


Improvements from NDB wakeup threads
Webinar: MySQL & MariaDB Performance Tuning for Dummies
Developer tip: test MariaDB install/upgrade quickly with Docker
Colocated MySQL Server and NDB data nodes
MySQL on Docker: Running a MariaDB Galera Cluster without Container Orchestration Tools - Part 1


Foreign keys between two tables
The World Cup 2018 Challenge is live... An app created 12 years ago to showcase the awesome Oracle APEX
Massive Delete
Splitting Strings: a New Champion!
Index Column Order – Impact On Index Branch Blocks Part I (Day-In Day-Out)


Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 22/2018
New Oracle technology organization at dbi services
Consultant Open Infrastructure 80%-100% Basel (m/w)
Consultant Open Infrastructure 80%-100% Zurich (m/w)
Consultant Open Infrastructure 80%-100% Nyon (m/w)

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