Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 2/2016

10.01.2016 08:50:06

Top SQL Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:

SQL Server

Meet Our Next Consultant: Tara Kizer
SQL SERVER – Someone was trying to hack my SQL Server Logins in Azure!
SQL SERVER – Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server Got Easy with Diagnostics Tool
It's a New Year, Take Advantage of It – Notes from the Field #110
Still Serial After All These Years


Why Logical Replication?
The Physics of Multi-Master
Performance of Sequences and Serials in Postgres-XL
What's Under the Radar in PostgreSQL 9.5?
PostGIS 2.2.1 Released


Percona Server for MongoDB 3.0.8-1.2 is now available
Apache Spark with Air ontime performance data
MongoDB revs you up: What storage engine is right for you? (Part 1)
grouping_operation, duplicates_removal: EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON has all details about GROUP BY
My Daily Inspiration Experiment


OEM 12 AWR Warehouse – Not quite the finished product (yet)
Covering bases
Resolutions for 2016
Peeking table block contents
Finding the Previous Row in a Different Group Using SQL


Using CTEs and Unions to Compute Running Totals
Sorry for outage on January 6th 2016
Change Oracle XE port 8080

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