Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 19/2016

01.05.2016 07:00:00

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SQL Server

One weird trick for managing a bunch of servers
SQL SERVER – What is WRK file in Log Shipping?
SQL SERVER – Computed Column and Conditions with Case Statement
A quick tip for working with large scripts in SSMS
Understanding Database Scalability – Vertical and Horizontal


Open Source Rising: Rapidly Building the Adoption of EDB Postgres with IBM POWER8 and Avnet
Column Store Plans
Pgcronjob: Cron daemon to run user defined functions
Postgres 9.6 feature highlight: pg_rewind and timeline switches
5 Reasons to Review Your Disaster Recovery Plan Now


How We Made MySQL Great Again, or Upgrading MySQL with Orchestrator
Upgrading to MySQL 5.7, focusing on temporal types
Top Nine Stand Out Facts About Percona Live in Santa Clara
Planets9s - Watch the replay: Become a MongoDB DBA (if you're re really a MySQL user)
Webinar tomorrow: Become a MongoDB DBA (if you're really a MySQL user)


DDL logging
How to configure eDB360?
Stats History
DAMA Ireland: Data Protection Event 5th May
Any Questions


Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 18/2016
Certification OCM Java SE - Félicitations à Philippe Schweitzer
Oracle Certified Master Java SE - Congrats to Philippe Schweitzer

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