Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 19/2015

10.05.2015 00:15:11

Top SQL Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:

SQL Server

SQL SERVER – Generating Row Number Without Ordering Any Columns
Reading the SQL Server 2016 Data Sheet
Microsoft Ignite SQL Server Keynote Liveblog #MSIgnite
SQL SERVER – Who ALTER’ed My Database? Catch Them Via DDL Trigger
SQL Server 2016 Security Roadmap Session Notes #MSIgnite


PostgreSQL anti-patterns: Unnecessary json/hstore dynamic columns
Big Data and PostgreSQL - Scaling out by partitioning tables
PostgreSQL motorcycle in Austin, Texas
Fancy SQL Thursday: row-to-column transformation
syslog Considered Dangerous


MongoDB’s flexible schema: How to fix write amplification
Keep your MySQL data in sync when using Tungsten Replicator
MySQL indexing 101: a challenging single-table query
Information on the SSL connection vulnerability of MySQL and MariaDB
MariaDB 10.0.19 now available


Query Tuning 101: The How, Why and What of Autotrace Video Series
SQL Developer version 4.1 Feature Recap
Oracle SQL Developer version 4.1 is Now Available
Tricks, Explosions and SQL! The Magic of SQL Channel Launches on YouTube
Oracle Data Miner (ODM 4.1) New Features


5 tips to optimize your SQL queries
Why do we need transaction isolation levels
EMC World 2015 - Day 2 at Momentum
Concrete5 CMS
SQL Server vNext becomes SQL Server 2016

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