Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 11/2016

20.03.2016 07:00:00

Top SQL Blogs brings you interesting news every day. Each week I select the best of:

SQL Server

Splitting Strings: SQL Server 2016 To The Rescue!
SQL SERVER – Installing SQL Server Management Studio 2016 – Step by Step
SQL SERVER 2016 – STRING_SPLIT Function Performance Comparison – Notes from the Field #118
Why most of you should leave Auto-Update Statistics on
The Joy of Joining on NULLs


Oracle's letter to Russian IT companies
Sharding: Bringing back Postgres-XL technology into core PostgreSQL
Tables and indexes vs. HDD and SSD
Selecting only pixels of particular range of values with ST_Reclass
PG Phriday: Mining for Metadata


Percona Server 5.7.11-4 is now available
Percona XtraDB Cluster in a high latency network environment
Percona Server 5.7 performance improvements
MySQL replication primer with pt-table-checksum / pt-table-sync, part 2
Percona Live featured talk with Konstantin Osipov: Tarantool – a Lua Based Database Engine and In-Memory Data Grid


Oracle In-Memory for SAP Databases
OUGN Spring Conference 2016
Database dictionary corruption ? Maybe not.


Analyzing Your Email with SQL
Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 12/2016

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