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How to Style Images With Markdown
Markdown is a convenient HTML-focused shorthand syntax for formatting content such as documentation and blog articles, but it lacks basic fe...
14-08-2018 05:36:57 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
My Travel Gear
I'm not the most extreme road warrior you know, but I travel a decent amount, and I've found gear that helps make it easier and more fun for...
07-07-2018 23:05:46 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
A Four-Quadrant Priority System for Tough Decisions
Have you ever faced a tough decision that had you swinging back and forth, vaccilating between "let's do it" and "I'm afraid" until you feel...
29-06-2018 21:07:01 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
Building Static Sites With Hugo
Hugo is a fast, and very powerful, static site generator. I use it for my blog, as well as for fancier things like Markdown-based slideshows...
22-06-2018 18:48:49 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
Bose QuietComfort 35 vs. Sennheiser PXC-550 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
I bought pairs of Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II and Sennheiser PXC-550 wireless noise cancelling headphones, and compared their performance...
18-06-2018 03:27:11 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
A Simple Rule of Thumb for Priorities
As a CEO, there's always an endless list of things that all seem to need urgent attention. Circumstances, customers, employees, board member...
14-06-2018 16:25:44 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
How to Monitor Your Database
Quick: what does your application really do to the database? Maybe you're not really sure, but you might have some ideas. You'll find when y...
01-06-2018 03:02:10 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch
I bought a Fitbit Versa smartwatch and I like some aspects of it a lot. Unlike the hybrid analog/smart watches I've been trying recently, th...
27-05-2018 02:38:08 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
Using Personality Assessments in Hiring
I've been using personality assessments as part of recruiting and hiring for several years now. Although most people aren't familiar with th...
21-05-2018 04:27:18 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
The Three Keys to a Rewarding Career: Challenge, Impact, and People
What makes a rewarding, fulfilling career? I keep three things in mind: being challenged every day, making an impact, and working with delig...
18-05-2018 20:25:59 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL

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