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SSIS Tips: Enforcing TLS 1.2 For SSIS 2012 Connections
Impetus The main inspiration behind this article comes from a recent issue faced in one of my projects for configuring TLS 1.2 based connect...
14-08-2018 10:39:26 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server
SSRS 2017 Tips: Solving Default Font Issue in SSDT 15.5 Preview
Impetus The impetus for writing this article came from a recent question which was asked in one of the forums.This was regarding the creatio...
19-02-2018 10:08:04 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server
SQL Tips: Demystifying FORMAT behavior in Datetime vs Time Values
Introduction Since SQL 2012 , one of the functions which I used quite regularly on my day to day coding has been the FORMAT function. The ma...
08-11-2017 13:16:20 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server
SQL Tips: Exploring Agent_Datetime Function
Introduction Recently there was a discussion in one of the forums which helped me to learn about a function which has been there for a long ...
31-10-2017 12:15:10 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server
SQL 2017 Tips: Tweaking IDENTITY_CACHE Setting to Avoid IDENTITY Column Gaps
IntroductionIn my discussions with my fellow colleagues as well as on my online interactions with the developer community, I've come across ...
24-10-2017 14:18:01 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server
SSIS Tips: Handling UTF 8 Based File Data
IntroductionQuite a few times there were cases where we had to transfer CSV data containing non English based characters to SQLServer databa...
05-08-2017 14:05:51 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server
SQL 2017 Tips: Avoiding Gaps in IDENTITY, SEQUENCE Based Column Values
Scenario One of the common conversations I've come across in a typical work day is as below Emp X: I just found that the IDENTITY column val...
20-06-2017 06:37:52 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server
SQL 2017 Tips: Creating Table On The Fly Onto A Specific FileGroup
IntroductionOne of the frequently used and the most popular features in SQLServer is the ability to create a table on the fly based on a que...
16-06-2017 10:56:05 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server
Graph Tables in SQL 2017
Graph based tables is one of the most exciting features that has been included in the latest release of SQLServer. With graph tables its muc...
30-05-2017 22:14:08 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server
SSRS Tips: Creating 2012/2014 BI Templates Using VS 2015
IntroductionWith the release of VS 2015 shell, its now possible to utilize the BI templates available init for creating SSRS reports, SSIS p...
03-05-2017 10:51:32 Visakh Murukesan SQL Server

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