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PostgreSQL on ZFS
What is ZFS. (a paste from wikipedia) ZFS is a combined file system and logical volume manager designed by Sun Microsystems. The features of...
30-08-2017 19:37:32 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL on ZFS with BPF tracing on top.
At OmniTI we love solaris, my personal favourite features are ZFS and DTrace. Unfortunately not many run postgres on solaris so i have decid...
16-06-2017 14:55:29 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
An unusual upgrade
I have mentioned in previous posts that in my 4 years with OmniTI, we've tackled a lot of migrations. Most of them are usually the "typical"...
10-06-2017 14:02:47 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Tip for faster wal replay on a slave
I've been in situations where i need a slave db to replay a lot of wal files fast, and by a lot i mean tens of thousands. This could happen ...
09-06-2017 16:46:36 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Reusing an old master (as slave) after a switchover
Todays blogpost is old news but it's not very well known and it has to do with how to add an old master after a slave has been promoted. Fuj...
19-05-2017 16:25:57 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL statistics as data
Postgres provides a lot of information when it comes to statistics. Only problem is that all the statistics are frozen in time the moment yo...
09-05-2017 18:20:58 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL upgrades - Methodology
Yesterday, i came across a conversation in postgres slack channel, someone was interested in upgrading his database and i realised that ther...
25-01-2017 18:59:25 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Traveling in time(lines) with pg_rewind
At 9.5 pg_rewind was introduced, with this feature it was possible to make a server that is no longer master to follow a promoted standby th...
20-12-2016 20:58:35 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Adding columns with default value fast
I recently came across a discussion in #postgresql channel about how to add a new column that will represent record insert timestamps to a t...
14-12-2016 16:57:33 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Custom Postgres installation with Docker
Lately, i wanted to make a new test / lab environment that would be dispensable, fast to deploy and easily customisable. VM's are all nice f...
06-12-2016 18:41:43 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL

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