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PostgreSQL on ZFS with BPF tracing on top.
At OmniTI we love solaris, my personal favourite features are ZFS and DTrace. Unfortunately not many run postgres on solaris so i have decid...
16-06-2017 14:55:29 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
An unusual upgrade
I have mentioned in previous posts that in my 4 years with OmniTI, we've tackled a lot of migrations. Most of them are usually the "typical"...
10-06-2017 14:02:47 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Tip for faster wal replay on a slave
I've been in situations where i need a slave db to replay a lot of wal files fast, and by a lot i mean tens of thousands. This could happen ...
09-06-2017 16:46:36 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Reusing an old master (as slave) after a switchover
Todays blogpost is old news but it's not very well known and it has to do with how to add an old master after a slave has been promoted. Fuj...
19-05-2017 16:25:57 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL statistics as data
Postgres provides a lot of information when it comes to statistics. Only problem is that all the statistics are frozen in time the moment yo...
09-05-2017 18:20:58 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL upgrades - Methodology
Yesterday, i came across a conversation in postgres slack channel, someone was interested in upgrading his database and i realised that ther...
25-01-2017 18:59:25 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Traveling in time(lines) with pg_rewind
At 9.5 pg_rewind was introduced, with this feature it was possible to make a server that is no longer master to follow a promoted standby th...
20-12-2016 20:58:35 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Adding columns with default value fast
I recently came across a discussion in #postgresql channel about how to add a new column that will represent record insert timestamps to a t...
14-12-2016 16:57:33 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Custom Postgres installation with Docker
Lately, i wanted to make a new test / lab environment that would be dispensable, fast to deploy and easily customisable. VM's are all nice f...
06-12-2016 18:41:43 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL
Repairing clog corruptions
Yesterday, i got a page from a client about a possible corruption issue to one of his clients, so i decided to share how i dealt with it. Be...
19-05-2016 12:07:48 Vasilis Ventirozos PostgreSQL

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