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PostgreSQL with different I/O schedulers
One of the questions I'm getting in response the talks and posts about filesystem performance is "What about I/O schedulers?" Sadly I didn't...
14-12-2015 13:55:49 Tomas Vondra PostgreSQL
TRIM facepalm
While discussing results of various filesystem benchmarks - both here and in talks given on conferences, one of the things I've been questio...
19-11-2015 09:30:00 Tomas Vondra PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL on SSD - 4kB or 8kB pages?
As you may be aware, PostgreSQL splits data files into 8kB pages by default. It's possible to use different page sizes (up to 32kB), but tha...
16-11-2015 14:00:00 Tomas Vondra PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL performance on EXT4 and XFS
In case you haven't noticed, the schedule for 2015 was published a few days ago. One of my talks is called PostgreSQL Performance ...
10-09-2015 16:30:00 Tomas Vondra PostgreSQL

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