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Requests for MariaDB
There has been a recent spate of blog posts and tweets regarding MaxScale binary downloads requiring acceptance of an Evaluation License tha...
14-04-2016 05:49:19 Todd Farmer MySQL
Rosetta Stone: MySQL, Pig and Spark (Basics)
In a world where new data processing languages appear every day, it can be helpful to have tutorials explaining language characteristics in ...
13-04-2016 22:55:33 Todd Farmer MySQL
New MySQL Online Training
Oracle University recently unveiled a new online training offering the MySQL Learning Subscription. The combination of freely-accessible and...
09-03-2016 16:46:57 Todd Farmer MySQL
SYS Schema: Simplified Access To SSL/TLS Details
A while back, I wrote a blog post explaining how PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA improvements in MySQL Server 5.7 provides new visibility into the SSL/TL...
26-02-2016 18:34:57 Todd Farmer MySQL
Questions about MariaDB's bug system
MariaDB recently announced the migration of the JIRA bug tracking system from the current Atlassian-hosted instance to a self-hosted install...
25-02-2016 01:18:01 Todd Farmer MySQL
Leaving MySQL
After nearly ten years working for MySQL, I'm pursuing a new opportunity to expand into new areas of open source data infrastructure as part...
21-02-2016 19:05:18 Todd Farmer MySQL
Restricting Connections to Secure Transport
MySQL 5.7 makes secure connections easier with streamlined key generation for both MySQL Community and MySQL Enterprise, improves security b...
15-01-2016 08:01:10 Todd Farmer MySQL
Simplified SSL/TLS Setup for MySQL Community
Transport Layer Security (TLS, also often referred to as SSL) is an important component of a secure MySQL deployment, but the complexities o...
14-01-2016 19:22:16 Todd Farmer MySQL
Which accounts can access this data?
Knowing which privileges a given account has is easy just issue SHOW GRANTS FOR user@host. But what about when you need visibility into priv...
16-12-2015 17:55:02 Todd Farmer MySQL
Practical P_S: Find Client JRE Version Using SQL
MySQL Connector/Java supports connection attributes since version 5.1.25. This projects useful metadata about the client environment into th...
12-12-2015 02:31:53 Todd Farmer MySQL

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