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General availability: SQL Database auto-failover groups - and it looks awesome
A really great feature in Azure SQL DB went GA today. That feature gives you and SQL DB the ability to automatically fail databases over to ...
18-07-2018 02:27:31 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Exchanging SQL Certificates with different service accounts can be tricky
Setting up Transparent Data Encryption, or Backup Encryption, or basically anything else where you need to restore a certificate to another ...
10-07-2018 21:37:57 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
JSON documents in Azure and IF/THEN blocks
If you do any work in Azure you've probably done deployments using JSON scripts. Originally JSON in Azure didn't support much, you could cre...
19-06-2018 01:52:35 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
What Happened to My Database?
Every DBA has at some point asked: "What the heck happened to my database?" In this blog, we'll review some of the more common scenarios whe...
06-06-2018 11:57:14 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
It's getting all cloudy in here
Not all cloud providers are the same. Some are flexible and will grow and shrink with your needs and business (Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud),...
07-05-2018 09:49:03 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
TEMP is A Four Letter Word
It's not uncommon to observe rampant over reliance of database application code on TEMP tables, most often as a SQL language programming cru...
06-05-2018 04:29:50 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
PASS Summit 2018 Here I Come
I'm thrilled to be able to say that I'll be presenting a precon at the PASS Summit 2018. This year I'll be giving a precon on database secur...
24-04-2018 18:13:28 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
But why won't you sponsor at my event?
Being a vendor/exhibitor at a few conferences has been an eye-opening experience for sure. Sadly exhibitors can't sponsor at all the events ...
19-04-2018 00:49:51 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Denny's first public speaking event post surgery is…
In case you didn't catch it, I've been out for a while, with good reason. Apparently, emergency brain surgery takes a while to recover from....
09-04-2018 18:41:45 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Why Don't Universal Groups Work in SQL Server?
If you've tried using Universal Groups in Active Directory to access your SQL Servers, you may notice that the users who are members of thes...
02-04-2018 19:26:28 Toad SQL Server SQL Server

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