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PASS Summit 2017 Speaker Idol Judges
I know I've been really slacking on getting this year judges list for speaker idol posted. A lot of this is just because of everything else ...
16-10-2017 21:28:23 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
PASS Summit Speaker Idol Lineup Change Redux
We've had another change to the PASS Summit speaker idol line up. Tzahi has had to withdraw du e to work commitments and won't be able to at...
13-10-2017 00:08:39 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
DR is more than just building an AG
Building, implementing and executing a proper DR plan successfully is a challenging undertaking. It is a lot more complicated than most expe...
09-10-2017 20:35:06 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
So, what's with this whole SQL Server on Linux thing?
I'll be honest, when I first learned about SQL Server on Linux, I didn't get it. It took like an hour for it to make sense to me. After a we...
09-10-2017 13:04:12 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Comment on Version 2 of Spotlight Mobile App for iPhone
I don't understand but whenever I try to install Spotlight mobile app from iTunes it will stuck at downloading and will never install itself...
09-10-2017 01:19:50 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Your PASS Summit 2017 Speaker Idol Contestants Are…
In past years I've been really glad that I'm just the MC of the PASS summit speaker idol because of the strong group of speakers. This year ...
14-09-2017 04:41:48 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
I really hope that Zuckerberg doesn't run for President
Last week Mark Zuckerberg made a couple of astonishing announcements. The first is that he's no longer an atheist. The second is the one tha...
16-08-2017 18:39:51 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
File: Connection to RDS in Toad for SQL Server
This video by Robert Pound shows how to connect to Amazon Relational Database Service with Toad for SQL Server
24-06-2017 09:31:54 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Azure Import Export Services - Notes from the field
One of my clients recently had the need to upload tens of terabytes of data into Azure Blob Storage. This gave us the perfect opportunity to...
07-06-2017 18:46:03 Toad SQL Server SQL Server

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