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But why won't you sponsor at my event?
Being a vendor/exhibitor at a few conferences has been an eye-opening experience for sure. Sadly exhibitors can't sponsor at all the events ...
19-04-2018 00:49:51 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Denny's first public speaking event post surgery is…
In case you didn't catch it, I've been out for a while, with good reason. Apparently, emergency brain surgery takes a while to recover from....
09-04-2018 18:41:45 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Why Don't Universal Groups Work in SQL Server?
If you've tried using Universal Groups in Active Directory to access your SQL Servers, you may notice that the users who are members of thes...
02-04-2018 19:26:28 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Azure precon at SQL Grillen in June
I'm thrilled to announce that we'll be hosting a pre-con at SQL Grillen this June in Lingen, Germany titled "Designing Azure Infrastructure ...
26-03-2018 23:01:31 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting has two VMware vExperts
VMware recently announced they're vExpert list for 2018 and I'm proud to say that both Joey and myself were on the VMware list for 2018. The...
19-03-2018 18:30:27 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Comment on Resources to Study for Exam 70-461
Microsoft Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Exam is not difficult now to pass with the help of experts made 70-461 dumps. These 70-461 dump...
13-03-2018 11:32:26 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Can I Use Azure Threat Detection On-Premesis?
The short answer here is no. The threat detection features that you see in Azure are not available in the on-premises product. This includes...
26-02-2018 18:33:49 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
VMs in Azure region can't talk to MySQL database service in same region
I ran into an interesting issue last week. I had VMs in the US West region of Azure which was unable to talk to the MySQL database service (...
19-02-2018 18:28:03 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
When Using Availability Group Listeners, Why Can I See Non-AG Databases?
Yep. This is actually by design; and is because listeners can be tricky little fellas. When using a SQL Server Availability Group Listener, ...
12-02-2018 17:50:07 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Where Denny went during PASS and Live360 Events
If you were at the PASS Summit, Live360 in November, or SQL Saturday in Slovenia in December, you may have noticed that I couldn't make it t...
22-01-2018 17:43:36 Toad SQL Server SQL Server

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