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VMs in Azure region can't talk to MySQL database service in same region
I ran into an interesting issue last week. I had VMs in the US West region of Azure which was unable to talk to the MySQL database service (...
19-02-2018 18:28:03 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
When Using Availability Group Listeners, Why Can I See Non-AG Databases?
Yep. This is actually by design; and is because listeners can be tricky little fellas. When using a SQL Server Availability Group Listener, ...
12-02-2018 17:50:07 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Where Denny went during PASS and Live360 Events
If you were at the PASS Summit, Live360 in November, or SQL Saturday in Slovenia in December, you may have noticed that I couldn't make it t...
22-01-2018 17:43:36 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Comment on Cannot detach an opened database when the server is in minimally configured mode.
is there any solution to this problem?
17-01-2018 15:35:25 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Happy New Year, Welcome to 2018
It's 2018 and welcome to it. Here's hoping that 2018 is a easier year than 2017 was. For me, that means no brain tumor this year. Hopefully ...
01-01-2018 17:33:37 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
When does it make sense to upgrade?
There's a lot of versions of SQL Server available today. I've seen clients deploying new services on SQL Server 2015, SQL Server 2016, SQL S...
26-12-2017 23:50:56 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
What does SQL encrypt by default?
For the purposes of this, we're ignoring SQL Server 7.0 and below. Out of the box, SQL Server will encrypt some things by default to protect...
20-12-2017 01:28:46 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Should I be blocking outbound ports in Azure by default?
The short answer is that yes there are ports that you'll want to block outbound by default. There's a variety of amplification attacks that ...
18-12-2017 00:18:04 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Being critical without being a crank
Tweets, facebook posts and blog posts can be powerfull things. The have the ability to sway peoples opinions of others, to drive people to b...
17-12-2017 09:45:47 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Be sure to thank the sponsors
Conferences, no matter the size all have one thing in common, they all require the same thing to run from Br eakfast until Dinner for the da...
17-12-2017 00:30:00 Toad SQL Server SQL Server

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