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Conociendo los tres métodos de conexión a la bas de datos: TNS, directo y LDAP - Parte I
(Please visit the site to view this video)
20-10-2017 09:40:41 Toad for Oracle Oracle
Conociendo los tres métodos de conexión a la bas de datos: TNS, directo y LDAP - Parte II
(Please visit the site to view this video)
20-10-2017 03:02:14 Toad for Oracle Oracle
Minimize Risk by Simplifying and Automating Oracle Code Testing
As I work with database management and application development pros at all types and sizes of organizations, I've been looking for trends in...
19-10-2017 20:20:43 Toad for Oracle Oracle
VIDEO TUTORIAL: Toad Advanced Explain Plan Tips and Techniques
Welcome to my new video blog! Our first tutorial: Toad Advanced Explain Plan Tips and Techniques. (Please visit the site to view this video)...
27-09-2017 21:12:51 Toad for Oracle Oracle
Introducing a Brand New Toad Product - Toad DevOps Toolkit
Back in July this year, I wrote a blog describing the challenges many organisations are facing as they try to embrace DevOps as a way to hel...
19-09-2017 13:45:55 Toad for Oracle Oracle
Oracle Cloud (DBaaS): Oracle Data Guard in Database Cloud Service ( DBCS )
This article was written by Skant Gupta and Joel Perez in Oracle OTN When creating an Oracle Database Cloud Service database deployment at t...
28-08-2017 07:19:19 Toad for Oracle Oracle
Run Oracle Scripts (Even against Multiple Databases) in the Toad Script Manager
If your IT department or development team is like a lot of those I talk with (and have worked in), you have a lot of scripts that do all sor...
25-08-2017 23:45:00 Toad for Oracle Oracle
Using Oracle CDB and PDBs on Docker Engine with Toad for Oracle
Introduction Oracle Container Database (CDB) and Pluggable Databases (PDBs) provide modularization to Oracle Database 12c, as discussed in t...
01-08-2017 22:08:36 Toad for Oracle Oracle
Quick and Easy SQL Optimization with Toad for Oracle
SQL Optimization is intimidating for a lot of people. Even when you have great tools like Quest SQL Optimizer, people can be reluctant to ho...
27-07-2017 00:11:01 Toad for Oracle Oracle
New in Toad 12.12 Beta: Updated Compare Multiple Schemas
The 12.12 beta cycle will begin soon, with a new Compare Multiple Schemas window. Sorry this isn't a "real" blog,....all the details are on ...
14-07-2017 22:15:45 Toad for Oracle Oracle

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