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CONTAINERS clause and LONG columns
We were working on a monitoring script using HIGH_VLAUES in CDB_TAB_PARTITIONS and found the HIGH_VALUE column is missing in the CDB_TAB_PAR...
10-07-2018 13:33:32 Thomas Saviour Oracle
Changes – Personal and professional
Every organization needs to change for its survival and keep its competitiveness. While change is not an easy procedure to complete, it can ...
11-04-2018 16:57:37 Thomas Saviour Oracle
In a oracle data guard environment Log Network Server (LNS) process transports the redo from the primary to the standby site. The behavior o...
02-03-2017 14:29:31 Thomas Saviour Oracle
Unified Auditing – some insights
Oracle 12c Unified Auditing is a brand new feature in the latest Oracle version which consolidates database level auditing records into a si...
30-05-2016 10:45:04 Thomas Saviour Oracle
Oracle PARTIAL INDEXES - a new feature in Oracle 12c, initial impression was really good, but the implementation is quite poor. With this fe...
15-02-2016 13:02:10 Thomas Saviour Oracle

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