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How To Reset Your OneDrive
This post isn't really for you. It's for Future Tom. A note for me to find again when I need to reset OneDrive. The other day OneDrive stopp...
17-08-2017 22:20:31 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Killing the "SQL Server is a Memory Hog" Myth
At least once a week I read or hear the familiar refrain, "SQL Server is a memory hog," or "SQL Server uses all the memory." The post Killin...
16-08-2017 23:57:32 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Book Review: VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive
My friend David Klee recommended that I add the book VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive to my bookshelf. The post Book Review: VMwa...
04-08-2017 19:58:24 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Speaking at SQL Server Live!
I will be speaking again this year at SQL Server Live in Orlando. The event is at the Royal Pacific Resort from 12th-17th of November. It's ...
02-08-2017 23:12:26 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Data Analysis ToolPack in Excel
The Data Analysis toolpack has a lot of useful statistical functions. The first one I used in the course was the descriptive statistics. All...
01-08-2017 20:51:19 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Book Review: Code Warriors
I received the book Code Warriors as a gift last Christmas and it ended up buried on my desk under a pile of papers, forgotten until June. T...
28-07-2017 19:47:24 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Why I'm Learning Data Science
When Microsoft announced they were partnering with edX to offer a certificate in Data Science I decided it was the perfect time to dust off ...
26-07-2017 18:59:36 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Azure Cosmos DB Rising in Latest DB-Engines Monthly Rankings
The latest DB-Engines Database Rankings are available, and it shows that Microsoft continues to gain ground on Oracle/MySQL: I've been follo...
03-07-2017 19:15:53 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Microsoft MVP For the Ninth Time
I am happy, honored, and humbled to receive the Microsoft MVP award for the ninth straight year. I can still recall my first award and how i...
01-07-2017 17:45:38 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Changing Default Database File Locations in SQL Server 2016
At some point in your career as a data professional you will need to change the default database file locations in SQL Server 2016. The post...
21-06-2017 22:20:36 Thomas LaRock SQL Server

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