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Bacon Bytes for 20-April
As I'm writing this edition of Bacon Bytes it is snowing. in April. Again. Go home Winter, you're drunk. The post Bacon Bytes for 20-April a...
20-04-2018 17:05:13 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
I'm Certified in Big Data
After completing the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science last year I made up my mind to dive into the Big Data certification nex...
16-04-2018 21:52:45 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Bacon Bytes for 13-April
I'm writing this edition of Bacon Bytes amongst pillars of spilled salt, having entered my office by walking under a ladder and smashing the...
13-04-2018 18:45:30 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
How To Hide an Instance of SQL Server
If you have ever wanted to hide an instance of SQL Server, this is the post for you. Read on. The post How To Hide an Instance of SQL Server...
10-04-2018 20:07:54 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Bacon Bytes for 6-April
This week's edition of Bacon Bytes comes to you direct from my fourth cup of coffee. Don't judge me, it's been a long week and I've got a lo...
06-04-2018 18:05:25 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
The Generous DBA
For me, being generous means you don't expect anything in return. If you are expecting kindness in return then you are doing business, not k...
04-04-2018 16:47:57 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
20 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Data Platform
From Strata last year, Kurt Brown from Netflix gives a wonderful talk on how Netflix get's the most out of their data platform. The video is...
03-04-2018 19:24:35 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Announcing the Launch of SQL Server Buzzfeed!
After months of work, I am excited to announce the launch of SQL Server Buzzfeed! The post Announcing the Launch of SQL Server Buzzfeed! app...
31-03-2018 22:11:06 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Bacon Bytes for 30-March
They say it takes about ei ght weeks to form a habit. This is the second week for Bacon Bytes, so only six more to go before this becomes mo...
30-03-2018 19:31:09 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Azure SQL Data Warehouse Costs vs AWS Redshift
Today I wanted to detail Azure SQL Data Warehouse costs vs AWS Redshift. This post is meant to follow up on two earlier posts where I outlin...
28-03-2018 23:09:40 Thomas LaRock SQL Server

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