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SQL Vulnerability Assessment Available in SSMS
The SQL Vulnerability Assessment (VA) feature in now available in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)! The post SQL Vulnerability Assessment...
07-12-2017 23:37:13 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
What's In Your Database?
I think we should all take time to ask ourselves the simple question, "What's in your database?" The post What's In Your Database? appeared ...
07-12-2017 15:32:51 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Restoring SQL Server Database on Linux Using SQL Operations Studio
You are looking at SQL Server, running on Linux, in a Docker container, on my iMac, connected through SQL Operations Studio. The post Restor...
22-11-2017 23:20:17 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Hacking Speaker Idol
Last week at the annual PASS Summit I served as emcee for the Speaker Idol contest. As a result, this was the first time I would attend all ...
09-11-2017 22:53:39 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Becoming a Query Performance Troubleshooting Expert
Every DBA wants to become an expert in query performance troubleshooting. Not every DBA is willing to put in the time and effort it takes to...
08-11-2017 20:02:30 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
On Speaking
It was then, right then, at that moment in a hotel lobby piano bar in Barcelona, that I decided I would focus on SQL Server as a career. The...
31-10-2017 23:03:55 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Using sqlmap to Test For SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
I use sqlmap to test websites for SQL injection vulnerabilities. The tool is quite versatile, too. Here's just a brief list of capabilities....
25-10-2017 17:23:06 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Audit SQL Server Jobs
In this post I will show you how to audit SQL Server jobs. If anyone adds, deletes, or modifies a job you can track who did what, and when. ...
12-10-2017 21:30:14 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
SQL Vulnerability Assessment
Data is the most critical asset that any company owns and Microsoft is making every effort to help protect your data in every possible way. ...
10-10-2017 21:28:36 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
The Stack
For years The Stack was inside a desk drawer in my cubicle. It followed me from cube to cube. Consultant, programmer, developer, analyst, an...
07-09-2017 23:48:09 Thomas LaRock SQL Server

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