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The Cause of Every Deadlock in SQL Server
Deadlocks are the result of application code combined with a database schema that results in an access pattern that leads to a cyclical depe...
19-09-2018 21:54:35 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Quantum Computing: What you need (and don't need) to know
Everyone's pegging quantum computing as the next big thing in enterprise technology. Quantum computing is becoming as overhyped as Blockchai...
18-09-2018 17:06:56 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
I Lost 50 pounds in 5 Months, Here's How
In mid-July I was down a full 50 pounds. I still have more to go. My heart doesn't race as much. I'm not as short of breath. I can jog again...
05-09-2018 00:45:55 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Designing a Database: 7 Things You Don't Want To Do
Your database design is awful. The reason nobody has told you this yet is for one of two reasons: ignorance or apathy. They either don't kno...
21-08-2018 23:39:50 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Achievement Unlocked: Certified in Artificial Intelligence
Frequent readers of this blog may recall last year I earned a certificate in Data Science through the Microsoft Academy and edX. I followed ...
06-08-2018 22:50:40 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Microsoft MVP - Ten Years and Counting
I am happy, honored, and humbled to receive the Microsoft MVP award for the tenth straight year. I still recall my first MVP award and how i...
16-07-2018 22:58:46 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Databases 101
A short time ago a colleague asked me where he could find a "Databases 101" guide for the non-technical professional. He wanted something to...
05-07-2018 19:27:41 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Bacon Bytes for 15-June
Welcome to the latest edition of Bacon Bytes. This week we talk a bit about why you can't trust movie reviews and a reminder that Bitcoin is...
15-06-2018 17:01:23 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Pingdom Made Me Stop Using Disqus for Blog Comments
Last week Microsoft bought GitHub and it reminded me of the time four years ago when SolarWinds bought Pingdom. The post Pingdom Made Me Sto...
12-06-2018 19:09:12 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Bacon Bytes for 08-June
Welcome to the latest edition of Bacon Bytes. The big news this week is Microsoft bought GitHub. This immediately caused a panic with the de...
08-06-2018 19:01:45 Thomas LaRock SQL Server

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