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Schema Compare for SQL Server
Today I'm going to show how to do a schema compare using only SSMS, dacpac files, and the FC (File Compare) command available in Windows. If...
14-02-2018 20:43:56 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Auditing Linked Servers
SQL Server does not track this information by default. You need to be proactively auditing link ed servers for modifications. Getting starte...
08-02-2018 20:50:56 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Data Migration Assistant Custom Configuration
The Data Migration Assistant is a great tool to help you evaluate and migrate your database to newer versions of SQL Server, including Azure...
06-02-2018 19:35:15 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
When to Use Row or Page Compression in SQL Server
A colleague asked me a very simple question: "How do I know to use row or page compression in SQL Server?" That's what this post is for, to ...
01-02-2018 03:03:23 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Data Privacy Day is Sunday, January 28th
I decided that in the spirit of celebration for Data Privacy Day I would share with you some common tips, tricks, and advice on keeping your...
26-01-2018 04:45:56 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
The Seven Samurai of SQL Server Data Protection
I want to help in the struggle against the adversaries. I've identified seven data security measures you can use. These 'Seven Samurai' will...
23-01-2018 21:37:52 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
A Few Words about GDPR, Data Privacy, and this Blog
GDPR compliance may be hard, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. To me, data security and privacy are worth the extra effort. The post A Fe...
16-01-2018 17:50:23 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Microsoft Azure Threat Detection Types
I wrote a post to help explain the Microsoft Azure Threat Detection types that are available. The post Microsoft Azure Threat Detection Type...
11-01-2018 22:46:09 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
How to Check if Your Database Server Is Protected Against Meltdown and Spectre
Last week I wrote about the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. Today I want to show you how to check if your database server is protected...
10-01-2018 00:46:59 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Data Migration Assistant Error During Assessment of SQL Server 2017
The Data Migration Assistant (DMA) offers you the ability to perform a feature assessment against your SQL Server database. The DMA will not...
09-01-2018 18:05:19 Thomas LaRock SQL Server

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