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A Replication Cheat-Sheet
So many types of replication, so little time! What kind of PostgreSQL replication should you use?
03-01-2018 08:55:07 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
Commitment Issues
One of the essentials of any database system is that a transaction is either in progress, committed, or rolled back. But consider what happe...
30-10-2017 22:48:48 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
"Humans do not have a primary key" at PGConf.EU
The slides for "Humans do not have a primary key" as presented at PGConf EU are available here. Three links from the presentation are: Perso...
27-10-2017 18:25:07 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
Streaming replication stopped? One more thing to check.
We recently were asked by a client to look at a strange replication situation. Replication had simply stopped from a primary to a streaming ...
27-10-2017 11:28:34 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
"Humans do not have a primary key" at PGOpen SV
I'll be presenting "Humans do not have a primary key" at PGOpen SV today. Two links from the presentation are: Q&A on Personal Names Kudzu a...
07-09-2017 19:38:35 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
A brief reminder about casting TIMESTAMPTZ
I spent a few minutes worrying I had lost my mind: Results coming back to my application were different from those obtained by running psql ...
05-09-2017 18:52:58 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
Blog Moved.
This is probably no big deal to anyone, but the blog has moved to a new server. Whee!
04-09-2017 10:55:17 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
shared_buffers is not a sensitive setting
There's a lot of mystery-cult information floating around out there about what to set shared_buffers to in PostgreSQL. Most of it is, at bes...
09-06-2017 20:43:05 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
Resetting the postgres user's password
For some reason, this is something that even experienced PostgreSQL people don't know about, which is: What do you do if you've forgotten th...
08-06-2017 01:06:25 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
A PostgreSQL Response to Uber
The slides from my talk at Percona Live 2017, A PostgreSQL Response to Uber, which I also gave as "Why Uber Was (Mostly) Wrong" at PGDay Nor...
28-04-2017 18:52:39 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL

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