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Ranges with NULLs 2: test cases
When I write SQL there is a bit of trial and error (laughter), so I need as complete a set of test cases as possible. Here's what I came up ...
22-10-2018 12:35:39 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Ranges with NULLs 1: starting over
I have written a lot about ranges, mostly based on dates, and I have tried my best to avoid NULLs in "from" and "to" columns. I give up: NUL...
16-10-2018 15:52:34 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic Locking 9: proof of concept
To wind up this series about optimistic locking using the SCN, here is a sample API for querying and updating the DEPT table, using JSON as ...
03-08-2018 13:42:05 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic Locking 8: double-checking with flashback
Some optimistic locking methods, including the SCN method, can detect intervening updates even when column values have not really changed. W...
23-07-2018 08:18:27 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic Locking 7: Restartability
When we UPDATE, Oracle may find a discrepancy between the read-consistent and "current" versions of the data. If so, Oracle "restarts" the p...
09-07-2018 18:35:21 Stewart Ashton Oracle
CSV from CLOB with field enclosures
After my post about extracting CSV without enclosures from a CLOB, here is my solution for CSV with enclosures. It wasn't easy...
24-06-2018 08:20:13 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Extract from CLOB with JSON objects
On AskTOM, Kim Berg Hansen recently used JSON_OBJECT to parse CLOB data in "name=value" format. I added a variant based on my work with CSV ...
15-06-2018 07:47:35 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Extract CSV from CLOB with JSON arrays
Marc Bleron blogged about CSV CLOBs and JSON_TABLE two years ago. Here's my contribution to improve on a great idea.
14-06-2018 07:09:28 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Read CLOBs fast with less memory
Reading a big CLOB is like trying to eat a burger all at once: it will take you forever if you don't choke. Why not cut that CLOB into bite-...
13-06-2018 07:52:43 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Generate JOINs among related tables
After finding the shortest "foreign key" path between two tables, I'll try to generate a SELECT statement that joins all the related tables....
12-06-2018 07:13:18 Stewart Ashton Oracle

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