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COMP_SYNC 2: exclude surrogate keys
At the recent ILOUG conference, Sabine Heimsath asked how to compare two tables where the surrogate keys do not match. Here's how, using my ...
13-02-2018 17:35:03 Stewart Ashton Oracle
COMP_SYNC 1: a new table compare/sync package
I have been meaning to update my COMPARE_SYNC package for some time. I want to change the interface and the functionality a bit, so I am lea...
12-02-2018 22:55:49 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Techniques for Comparing Tables
In my "Advanced Row Pattern Matching" presentation, I demonstrate using MATCH_RECOGNIZE to compare tables. Kim Berg Hansen asked me to compa...
26-01-2018 17:39:38 Stewart Ashton Oracle
My #ilOUG18 presentations
I just finished presenting at the Israeli OUG conference. The conference was a great experience, from the Sunday visit of Jerusalem to the t...
23-01-2018 13:26:26 Stewart Ashton Oracle
My #ukoug_tech17 presentation on Advanced Row Pattern Matching
I just finished presenting on this topic, had a great time and got some memorable praise. Thanks again to all who attended for your benevole...
05-12-2017 19:52:20 Stewart Ashton Oracle
ODC Appreciation Day: Mike Hichwa's team #ThanksODC
I don't know Oracle's internal organization, but I get the impression that people like Joel Kallman, Jeff Smith and Kris Rice work for or wi...
10-10-2017 12:01:48 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic Locking 6: which ORA_ROWSCN?
Continuing my series on using ORA_ROWSCN to achieve optimistic locking, let's zoom in on ORA_ROWSCN itself. I've been asking myself this que...
12-09-2017 16:44:59 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic Locking 5: "Read-consistent" SCN
Continuing my series on using ORA_ROWSCN to achieve optimistic locking, let's zoom in on the query API and the "read-consistent" SCN of the ...
04-09-2017 08:18:40 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic Locking 4: the Good
After discussing lost updates, the SCN and my theoretical use case, here is my idea for doing SCN-based optimistic locking. I'm going to sim...
10-08-2017 18:53:32 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic ORA_ROWSCN 3: the Use Case
My goal is to show how ORA_ROWSCN can help deal with the problem of "lost updates". Before that, I need to explain the use case I have in mi...
31-07-2017 08:08:24 Stewart Ashton Oracle

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