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Optimistic Locking 4: the Good
After discussing lost updates, the SCN and my theoretical use case, here is my idea for doing SCN-based optimistic locking. I'm going to sim...
10-08-2017 18:53:32 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic ORA_ROWSCN 3: the Use Case
My goal is to show how ORA_ROWSCN can help deal with the problem of "lost updates". Before that, I need to explain the use case I have in mi...
31-07-2017 08:08:24 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic ORA_ROWSCN 2: the SCN
In my previous post, I covered lost updates. Before saying how ORA_ROWSCN can help avoid them, I need to talk about the SCN. It's hard to be...
17-07-2017 18:01:03 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic ORA_ROWSCN 1: Lost Updates
I've gotten lots of feedback about my proposal to use ORA_ROWSCN for optimistic locking. I'm going to start over in more detail and try to l...
10-07-2017 15:15:18 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic Locking with one Timestamp?
A reader called chris asked me a good question about optimistic locking: why not use a "user-defined" scn (e.g. timestamp) as an extra colum...
02-07-2017 12:18:30 Stewart Ashton Oracle
More on Optimistic Locking with ORA_ROWSCN
Thanks to comments by Tony Hasler and pingbacks from Jeff Kemp, here's more detail on how optimistic locking works with SCNs, especially wit...
22-06-2017 11:32:16 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Optimistic Locking: One SCN to rule them all
Previously I showed how to avoid lost updates with ORA_ROWSCN. Now let's create an API that avoids lost updates with just one SCN. What kind...
21-06-2017 16:51:10 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Avoiding Lost Updates with ORA_ROWSCN
Applications today use "optimistic locking" to avoid lost updates. Tom Kyte thought of using ORA_ROWSCN for optimistic locking, then decided...
17-06-2017 12:08:45 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Comparing Expression Lists (not tuples)
This post is a long-winded answer to a question Bryn Llewellyn asked me on Twitter about comparing expression lists.
08-05-2017 18:26:31 Stewart Ashton Oracle
#OUGN17 Row Pattern Matching with MATCH_RECOGNIZE
OUGN17 (the boat conference) rocked - and the boat didn't, thank goodness. I gave two talks about row pattern matching that were well receiv...
12-03-2017 09:43:36 Stewart Ashton Oracle

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