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Extract from CLOB with JSON objects
On AskTOM, Kim Berg Hansen recently used JSON_OBJECT to parse CLOB data in "name=value" format. I added a variant based on my work with CSV ...
15-06-2018 07:47:35 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Extract CSV from CLOB with JSON arrays
Marc Bleron blogged about CSV CLOBs and JSON_TABLE two years ago. Here's my contribution to improve on a great idea.
14-06-2018 07:09:28 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Read CLOBs fast with less memory
Reading a big CLOB is like trying to eat a burger all at once: it will take you forever if you don't choke. Why not cut that CLOB into bite-...
13-06-2018 07:52:43 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Generate JOINs among related tables
After finding the shortest "foreign key" path between two tables, I'll try to generate a SELECT statement that joins all the related tables....
12-06-2018 07:13:18 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Split a string again and again
I recently needed to gather multiple columns from multiple rows into one string, then split them out again. JSON_TABLE did both splits at th...
11-06-2018 07:55:44 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Foreign keys between two tables
In a comment on my post about getting all the foreign key relationships, I was asked how to get the shortest path between two tables. Not to...
06-06-2018 10:29:46 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Splitting Strings: a New Champion!
My last post on splitting strings conceded that "a combined SQL + PL/SQL solution beats the best pure SQL solution." Wrong! I didn't try JSO...
05-06-2018 22:56:40 Stewart Ashton Oracle
PIVOT Function with Totals
I have updated the ADVANCED_PIVOT function to support row and/or column totals. It's neat, but you need to know what you're doing!
31-05-2018 15:06:47 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Improved PIVOT Function
My generic PIVOT function only allowed one column in the FOR clause. The modestly named "Advanced" function has no such limit.
30-05-2018 08:10:10 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Get all the Foreign Key Relationships
An old asktom question was recently highlighted on Twitter: All Parent - Child tables in the database. I contributed a new solution, but her...
29-05-2018 07:28:36 Stewart Ashton Oracle

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