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T-SQL Tuesday – Non-SQL Server Technologies
So, this month's T-SQL Tuesday topic is to think about a non-SQL Server technology that we want to learn. For me, I'm going to pick machine ...
06-11-2018 19:30:07 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Signing Stored Procedures That Access Multiple Databases
A while back I wrote a post, Digitally Signing a Stored Procedure To Allow It To Run With Elevated Permissions Recently Manish Kumar asked a...
30-10-2018 16:42:22 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Identifying delays between SQL calls using SQL profiler
One of the common goto methods for query specific slowness which can be replicated via an application can be to start up a trace or extended...
24-10-2018 23:04:29 SQLUndercover SQL Server
A Play Around With Table Variable Deferred Compilation in SQL 2019
Table variables, they're nasty, dirty little things that perform about as well as a Robin Reliant in a crosswind, right? Well you're not goi...
16-10-2018 16:06:48 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Inspector V1.2 revised installation guide
There is a new setup process for the Inspector, below we have outlined the steps required to get you started. Grab a copy of SQLUndercoverin...
11-10-2018 05:14:04 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Inspector V1.2 now available
It has been long overdue but finally V1.2 is now available on GitHub. V1.2 brings a lot of changes, here is an overview of what has been add...
10-10-2018 22:31:20 SQLUndercover SQL Server
The SQL Agents' view of SQL Server
I recently came across a really odd issue with the SQL Agent, there were two agent jobs attached to one schedule one of the jobs was enabled...
02-10-2018 12:08:30 SQLUndercover SQL Server
sp_translate, A Universal Translator in SQL Server. Just One Example Of How Powerful the Python/SQL Partnership Can Be.
In my recent post, Installing External Modules into SQL Server's Python I had a look at just how simple it is to import external modules int...
18-09-2018 17:06:05 SQLUndercover SQL Server
TSQL Tuesday #106: Triggers and the Spiral To Oblivion
It's the second Tuesday of the month which must mean only one thing We're all skint and payday feels like a long way off??? Not quite, well ...
11-09-2018 16:02:35 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Podcast Audio Now On SoundCloud
For those of you who don't have time to watch the videos, the audio stream of our webcasts are now available on SoundCloud.
05-09-2018 13:57:35 SQLUndercover SQL Server

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