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sp_Snapshot is a procedure that we've written to quickly and easily create a database snapshot of one or multiple databases. Prerequisites s...
20-09-2017 02:57:01 SQLUndercover SQL Server
7 ways to Query Always On Availability Groups using SQL
There are multiple ways to query availability group information, below are some of my favourite goto queries when I need to obtain informati...
19-09-2017 16:26:19 SQLUndercover SQL Server
UNDERCOVER TOOLBOX: sp_ChangeAgentJobOperator – Scripting out change of notification operator , Deleting and/or Creating.
Sometimes you may find that people add SQL agent operators, these same operators may at some point need a clear down but what do you do when...
14-09-2017 10:00:19 SQLUndercover SQL Server
UNDERCOVER TOOLBOX: Checking Your Backup Paths Exist and Automatically Creating Them if they Don't
Where do you send your backup files? Here at SQLUndercover, we like all our databases to have their own backup folder, it just makes it nice...
13-09-2017 15:31:46 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Restoring Master – When All else fails and the SQL service won't start.
The other day we were chatting about DR scenarios and one of the scenarios that cropped up was what to do when Master becomes corrupt. It do...
13-09-2017 08:56:43 SQLUndercover SQL Server
SSMS- Source Database ‘Restoring' After Performing a Restore To a New Destination
"I just tried restoring a copy of my database but now the original's in recovery" That was the panicked question that I was asked earlier to...
13-09-2017 02:13:32 SQLUndercover SQL Server
View your Failover Cluster from the DMV's
Just a quick post this time , I was fumbling around the DMV's the other day looking for a specific Availability group DMV that I just couldn...
12-09-2017 19:38:18 SQLUndercover SQL Server
UNDERCOVER TOOLBOX: sp_ChangeDatabaseOwnership – Producing statements to Alter Authorisation
The latest addition to our toolbox is not a one size fits all, this procedure may or may not suit your needs but if you have a requirement o...
12-09-2017 13:03:35 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Building an IN list using REPLACE
Have you ever had the need to build an IN list from some rows you had in excel? Or maybe you have a bunch of data you pulled out of a result...
12-09-2017 06:25:09 SQLUndercover SQL Server
UNDERCOVER TOOLBOX: Generate a Temporary Table Definition to Match the Resultset of a Query
Have you ever needed to store the results of a complex query in a temp table? How did you go about working out what the definition for that ...
11-09-2017 23:46:32 SQLUndercover SQL Server

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