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Getting started with the SQLUndercover Inspector
Here is a quick guide to getting started with the SQLUndercover Inspector. Pre-requisites: SQL 2012 or higher SQL Server Agent A database to...
19-02-2018 23:56:04 SQLUndercover SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday #99 : Getting Decked Out in Rubber and Lycra, My Non-techy Passion #TSQL2sday
So this month's T-SQL Tuesday invitation comes from Aaron Bertrand. It's a non-technical post this month as he asks us to write about a non-...
13-02-2018 16:29:23 SQLUndercover SQL Server
The SQLUndercover Inspector is now available!
The SQLUndercover Inspector is now available on GitHub, a quick run down of what it does can be found here: Introducing: The SQLUndercover I...
12-02-2018 00:32:09 SQLUndercover SQL Server
sp_AGReconfigure 1.1 is now available
sp_AGReconfigure 1.1 is now available HERE and on GitHub V1.1 includes a new Parameter and some minor bug fixes: @Readable NULL DEFAULT: Ign...
08-02-2018 22:11:40 SQLUndercover SQL Server
UNDERCOVER TOOLBOX: Get Details of All Open Transactions
It was 3am in the morning and I was asleep and enjoying a delightful dream (I knew it was a dream because I was surrounded by drifting cloud...
07-02-2018 15:35:06 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Undercover TV – We've got a YouTube channel!
We've now got ourselves a shiny new YouTube channel at UndercoverTV. We'll be using this to host our monthly podcasts as well as the occasio...
01-02-2018 14:56:08 SQLUndercover SQL Server
sp_RestoreScript 1.2 is now available
sp_RestoreScript 1.2 is now available HERE and on GitHub Changes include Service Broker options and the ability to restore a database in sta...
30-01-2018 16:03:30 SQLUndercover SQL Server
SQL Undercover Podcast – Feb 2018
The first SQL Undercover podcast where Adrian introduces the Undercover Inspector, David releases sp_restorescript 1.2 along with a bit of n...
29-01-2018 17:47:22 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Creating a SQL Server Test Lab On Your Workstation - Part Three, Creating a Windows Failover Cluster and a SQL Server Availability Group
Welcome along to the third part of our series Creating a SQL Server Test Lab On Your Workstation'. If you've followed along with the first t...
24-01-2018 17:16:34 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Introducing: The SQLUndercover Inspector
Introducing: The SQLUndercover Inspector! Finally we have a V1 almost ready to hit our GitHub but what exactly is it? Just another Monitorin...
23-01-2018 01:39:43 SQLUndercover SQL Server

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