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T-SQL Tuesday #101 – My day of Essential SQL Server tools.
This month's T-SQL Tuesday is brought to you by Jens Bestergaard the subject is Essential SQL Server tools, the original invitation can be f...
11-04-2018 01:24:36 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Encrypting SQL Server Database Backups
We all go to great lengths to make sure that our databases are secure (or at least I really hope that we do), we make sure that only authori...
04-04-2018 19:25:43 SQLUndercover SQL Server
‘Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object' When Failing Over an Availability Group Using SSMS <= 17.5
Here's a quickie that I've just stumbled across. I've just tried to initiate a manual failover of an availability group and received the fol...
29-03-2018 16:39:15 SQLUndercover SQL Server
TempDB Filling Up On Secondary Replicas
Have you ever had an issue where TempDB was filling up on your secondary replicas? Do those secondaries happen to be read only replicas? Whe...
21-03-2018 15:50:50 SQLUndercover SQL Server
TSQL Tuesday #100: A Look To The Future
So for this month's TSQL Tuesday, Adam Mechanic has asked us to take a look into the future and think about what things might look like when...
13-03-2018 11:32:38 SQLUndercover SQL Server
What if it all grows out?!
The other day I got thinking about what would happen if all databases on a single instance grew out, every single one of them! but not just ...
12-03-2018 12:26:56 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Here's a quick one for you. If you happen to be managing SQL Servers with a large number of databases and availability groups, it can someti...
07-03-2018 17:19:31 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Log Shipping – Error: Failed to update database "DATABASE NAME" because the database is read-only
Here's a strange one that I've recently come across. I had a customer report that their log shipping restore jobs were chock a block of erro...
22-02-2018 19:15:55 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Getting started with the SQLUndercover Inspector
Here is a quick guide to getting started with the SQLUndercover Inspector. Pre-requisites: SQL 2012 or higher SQL Server Agent A database to...
19-02-2018 23:56:04 SQLUndercover SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday #99 : Getting Decked Out in Rubber and Lycra, My Non-techy Passion #TSQL2sday
So this month's T-SQL Tuesday invitation comes from Aaron Bertrand. It's a non-technical post this month as he asks us to write about a non-...
13-02-2018 16:29:23 SQLUndercover SQL Server

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