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Performance Myths : Oversizing string columns
Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) shows a quick demo that illustrates why you should be very careful about oversizing varchar / nvarchar colum...
14-06-2017 15:22:43 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Azure Automation Methods
Tim Radney of SQLskills walks through multiple automation methods you can use to manage and maintain your Azure SQL Databases. The post Azur...
02-06-2017 10:22:44 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Properly Persisted Computed Columns
Paul White (@SQL_Kiwi) walks through a new trace flag in SQL Server 2016 designed to yield better execution plans (and performance) for quer...
25-05-2017 16:39:21 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Troubleshooting CPU Performance on VMware
Jonathan Kehayias of SQLskills discusses SQL Server on VMware, and how to monitor CPU performance - with or without access to vCenter. The p...
18-05-2017 17:10:33 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
SQLskills Wait Types Library now shows SentryOne data
Paul Randal (@PaulRandal) explains how the SQLskills Wait Types Library uses anonymous data from SentryOne to indicate whether a wait type i...
10-05-2017 23:19:45 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
UNION ALL Optimization
Paul White (@SQL_Kiwi) digs into row goals as he explains some interesting and inconsistent behavior with UNION ALL. The post UNION ALL Opti...
10-05-2017 16:42:19 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
SQL Server Temporary Object Caching
Paul White (@SQL_Kiwi) describes temporary object caching in SQL Server - what it is, why it exists, and how to use it to your advantage. Th...
02-05-2017 15:39:29 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Performance Myths : Truncate Can't Be Rolled Back
Derik Hammer (@SQLHammer) sets out to disprove another pervasive performance myth : TRUNCATE is faster than DELETE because it isn't logged a...
25-04-2017 16:22:33 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
It's not you, it's me (I/O troubleshooting)
Monica Rathburn (@SQLEspresso) talks about a few of the more common elements she always checks for when troubleshooting I/O problems. The po...
18-04-2017 15:31:48 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Cardinality Estimation for a Predicate on a COUNT Expression
Paul White (@SQL_Kiwi) takes you on an optimizer journey, exploring how SQL Server comes up with cardinality estimates for COUNT queries. Th...
12-04-2017 16:03:27 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server

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