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End of support for SQL Server 2008 & 2008 R2
Tim Radney talks about some of the things you can do to prepare for the end of extended support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2. ...
16-10-2018 10:49:46 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Reader solutions to Special Islands challenge
Itzik Ben-Gan steps through an interesting reader submission for his "Special Islands" challenge from last month, with some surprising perfo...
10-10-2018 11:56:45 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
What to do (or not do) about top wait stats
Aaron Bertrand talks about the top 10 wait types we see among our SentryOne customer base, and where to turn when you're experiencing one of...
05-10-2018 14:29:53 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
First public preview of SQL Server 2019 : CTP 2.0
Today Microsoft announced the first public preview of SQL Server 2019. I've got some exclusive details over at The post First...
24-09-2018 15:53:46 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Special Islands
Itzik Ben-Gan explains the mechanics behind some different approaches to solving gaps and islands problems in T-SQL. The post Special Island...
12-09-2018 13:06:12 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday #106 : INSTEAD OF triggers
For this month's T-SQL Tuesday, Aaron Bertrand shows that when triggers are necessary, in some cases INSTEAD OF triggers can be better for p...
11-09-2018 14:43:37 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Migrating from AnswerHub to WordPress : A Tale of 10 Technologies
Aaron Bertrand describes the process of migrating nearly 5,000 posts from the Q&A site on AnswerHub to its new read-only ...
10-09-2018 15:06:59 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Perfect Storm for Upgrading to a Modern Version of SQL Server
Glenn Berry lays out a convincing argument to upgrade to a modern version of SQL Server - considering not only the platform improvements but...
04-09-2018 11:35:34 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Showplan Enhancements for UDFs
Jonathan Kehayias shares insight about new UDF information in showplan, and shows that only some tools will show it (SSMS 17+ & SentryOne Pl...
23-08-2018 17:42:26 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Mining Plans : Not just for the plan cache
Erin Stellato shows how to pull out patterns and anti-patterns from the plan cache, Query Store, or the SentryOne database. The post Mining ...
16-08-2018 14:48:42 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server

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