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Cloning Databases with PSDatabaseClone
Guest author Sander Stad walks through PSDatabaseClone, a Powershell alternative to provisioning copies of databases through restore or scri...
18-01-2019 11:00:36 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Using Intel Optane Storage for SQL Server
Glenn Berry talks about the blazing speeds of the latest Intel Optane gear from Intel, and how they can improve your SQL Server workloads. T...
14-01-2019 14:40:18 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Closest Match, Part 2
Itzik Ben-Gan continues his series on solving a reader challenge involving joining between two tables based on closest match, looking at mem...
09-01-2019 10:53:49 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Using Track Causality to Understand Query Execution
Erin Stellato shows us how to use the Track Causality session option for more reliable performance troubleshooting with Extended Events. The...
04-01-2019 10:48:34 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Improve Performance of UDFs with NULL ON NULL INPUT
Jonathan Kehayias shows why it can be beneficial to use the RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT option for scalar UDFs. The post Improve Performance ...
27-12-2018 10:36:31 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Security Features in SQL Server 2017
Glenn Berry talks about a few of the security features in SQL Server 2017 and reminds us to always test and validate the performance impact....
17-12-2018 19:26:53 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Closest Match, Part 1
Itzik Ben-Gan starts a new multi-part series on solving a reader challenge involving joining between two tables based on closest match. The ...
12-12-2018 10:32:56 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
SQL Server Join Estimation using Histogram Coarse Alignment
Paul White dives into histograms and explains how the optimizer uses coarse alignment for cardinality estimates. The post SQL Server Join Es...
20-11-2018 17:52:06 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Understanding log buffer flushes
Itzik Ben-Gan explain log buffer flushes and shows how to use them to help balance performance, transaction size, and durability. The post U...
14-11-2018 10:05:39 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Three Easy SQL Server Performance Wins
Glenn Berry goes over three different tactics you can use to squeeze some extra performance out of SQL Server without a lot of heavy lifting...
29-10-2018 11:01:58 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server

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