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Environmental Pollution
I did a number of posts under the heading "You couldn't write it" but in this case it had been so a different subject was required. We'd bee...
10-01-2017 23:55:00 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server
Windows File search is a pain in the XXX, so I PowerShell-ed it
I have grown tired of finding a file on a Microsoft machine. In Windows 2012 server, it gets easier with their "Search everything" feature b...
21-12-2016 23:24:06 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server
When It's Gone It's Gone !
Let me say that I like log shipping, for me as a DBA it ensures I have a set of backups in a different location, hopefully a different site ...
15-11-2016 23:12:43 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server
Oh the irony of it all !!
In my previous post I mentioned what I see as a fatal flaw with the "Alert on Error" scenario, well no sooner posted than to quote Shakespea...
22-09-2016 00:13:47 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server
How's your email today ? No Alerts ?
When I first started as a SQL Server DBA / Developer in 1995 working with SQL Server 6.x one of the key steps was to set up alerting and mon...
14-09-2016 01:33:59 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server
Benchmarking Hardware and Environments
I suppose it would be fair to say I didn't pick up the Grumpy Old DBA for no reason, as well as the usual paranoia of a Production DBA , dis...
03-09-2016 01:18:34 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server
Conversations you wished you didn't hear.
OK so if you're a production DBA you are probably paranoid or considered paranoid. This isn't bad, corporate data is valuable for all manner...
01-09-2016 22:28:32 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server
Future Decoded Largest Microsoft event in the UK
Are you looking to take your business further with technology, are you considering any of these to enhance your offerings or to streamline y...
16-08-2016 15:22:27 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server
Using Power BI to provide Team Foundation Server Dashboards-Webinar
There is no point doing anything unless you know you've done it properly, so reporting on your DevOps process is critical to the feedback el...
19-07-2016 01:33:02 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server
When are things equal in this world and when are they not. The mystery of NULLs
I was interested reading a post on the MVP group about DISTINCT FROM by Erland who was championing the IS DISTINCT FROM clause but had found...
04-06-2016 21:06:16 SQL Blogcasts SQL Server

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