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SQL Server R Services: Digging into the R Language
It is not just the analytic power of R that you get from using SQL Server R Services, but also the great range of packages that can be run i...
19-07-2017 20:43:40 Simple Talk SQL Server
Anti-Forgery Validation in ASP.NET Core
Hackers use the cross-site request forgery technique to grab the identity and privileges of legitimate authenticated users of a site to then...
19-07-2017 14:09:42 Simple Talk SQL Server
Investigating the Cause of SQL Server High CPU Load Conditions When They Happen
Any DBA who is trying to find the cause of an intermittent problem with a server or database dreams of being able to use a query or procedur...
19-07-2017 07:12:33 Simple Talk SQL Server
Representing a simple hierarchical list in SQL Server with JSON, YAML, XML and HTML.
How difficult can it be to produce a simple hierarchical list in JSON, YAML, XML and HTML from a SQL Server table that represents a simple h...
18-07-2017 23:48:18 Simple Talk SQL Server
The Fast Route from Raw Data to Analysis and Display
There are very few real breakthroughs in IT. Most progress in the industry comes from pure effort and attention to detail. When breakthrough...
18-07-2017 16:21:01 Simple Talk SQL Server
The Best of Both Worlds: Using Excel and Power BI Together
Excel and Power BI work well together. This allows you to use the two tools together to provide for many types of business workflow and BI p...
18-07-2017 10:19:55 Simple Talk SQL Server
Auto Starting SQL Server Agent
I faced this problem some years ago. The company I was working for had a lot of clients with very low-quality communications, so each client...
18-07-2017 02:53:26 Simple Talk SQL Server
SQLCLR in Practice: Creating a Better Way of Sending Email from SQL Server
SQLCLR is now considered a robust solution to the few niche requirements that can't be met by the built-in features of SQL Server. Amongst t...
17-07-2017 19:32:35 Simple Talk SQL Server
SQL Data Aggregation Aggravation
When we have to deal with and store a lot of data, it makes sense to aggregate it so that we store only the information we actually need. If...
17-07-2017 13:31:56 Simple Talk SQL Server
Automating the Synchronization of RDS SQL Server Agent Jobs in a Multi-AZ Environment
Although Azure is the obvious Cloud service to host SQL Server, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for SQL Server is a good choice whe...
13-07-2017 04:21:51 Simple Talk SQL Server

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