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Simultaneous Auto-growth in Multiple Files
SQL Server 2016 has a new configuration to control the auto-growth of multiple files in the same filegroup. When we create several files in ...
27-05-2017 08:35:33 Simple Talk SQL Server
WannaCry Over Spilled Data
The WannaCry ransomware attack has highlighted a serious problem. If there is negligence in your IT strategy, you are increasingly risking t...
24-05-2017 19:38:39 Simple Talk SQL Server
SQL Server User-Defined Functions
User-Defined Functions are an essential part of T-SQL. They aren't, however, quite like functions in a procedural language, or even the buil...
23-05-2017 18:37:33 Simple Talk SQL Server
Simple SQL: Attribute Splitting
If the design of a relational database is wrong, no amount of clever DML SQL will make it work well. Dr. Codd's Information Principle is tha...
23-05-2017 10:48:01 Simple Talk SQL Server
Getting What You Need From Azure Storage Disks
If you need persistent data disks for Azure IaaS VMs that are supported on both Windows and Linux then you will be interested in Azure Stora...
22-05-2017 19:16:31 Simple Talk SQL Server
Continuous Database Deployment with Confidence
To achieve gains from Database Lifecycle Management in general, and in Continuous Deployment in particular, it pays to aim for lightweight b...
20-05-2017 03:48:43 Simple Talk SQL Server
High Performance PowerShell with LINQ
PowerShell is a scripting language, and like all scripting languages it struggles to perform well with rapid iterative processes such as agg...
19-05-2017 21:24:37 Simple Talk SQL Server
Deploying, Securing, and Updating Power BI Reports
Before Excel and other data-linked spreadsheets, business reports needed to be hand-crafted by IT experts, and changes were arbitrated slowl...
19-05-2017 14:58:15 Simple Talk SQL Server
Personal Data, Privacy, and the GDPR
Now that there have been well-publicised examples of the awful consequences of data breaches and data misuse, there is increasing public pre...
11-05-2017 01:43:43 Simple Talk SQL Server
Working with Windows Containers and Docker: Into your Stride
So far, in this series, Nicolas has shown how to get simple container instances up and running with just some basic background information. ...
10-05-2017 19:09:38 Simple Talk SQL Server

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