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More SQL Server Features that Time Forgot
SQL Server produces some great features, but it would be impossible to get them spot-on target every time. We are now quietly advised to use...
20-09-2017 13:24:25 Simple Talk SQL Server
Overcoming the Challenges of Microservices and Docker Containerisation
A microservice architecture can provide great benefits to certain types of applications that have pronounced troughs and peaks in demand, su...
19-09-2017 22:45:15 Simple Talk SQL Server
Abstracting System Time in ASP.NET Applications
When designing web applications, it is a good idea to be cautious about the way you handle the time of day and calendar. It can get complica...
19-09-2017 16:12:02 Simple Talk SQL Server
The Quick and the Dead Slow: Importing CSV Files into Azure Data Warehouse
Although Azure Data Warehouse is part of the bright new jewellery of the Microsoft Data Platform, the old Data Warehouse rules still apply w...
15-09-2017 01:31:08 Simple Talk SQL Server
What's New in Microsoft Hyper-V in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
With the latest release of Hyper-V, Microsoft has made some great improvements to their Hypervisor. For many reasons, Hyper-V has become a m...
14-09-2017 18:59:34 Simple Talk SQL Server
Questions About RDS SQL Server You Were Too Shy to Ask
There are a number of different ways that you can host SQL Server. RDS SQL Server, for example, uses SQL Server within AWS as a simple datab...
14-09-2017 12:25:28 Simple Talk SQL Server
Consuming hierarchical JSON documents in SQL Server using OpenJSON
Over the years, Phil was struck by the problems of reading and writing JSON documents with SQL Server. Now that SQL Server 2016 onwards has ...
12-09-2017 19:23:24 Simple Talk SQL Server
How much should you worry about CXPACKET?
Several experts already wrote about CXPACKET before, there are plenty of articles about this subject on the internet, so, why one more? I th...
11-09-2017 03:50:01 Simple Talk SQL Server
Missing Data
In the real world of business or scientific reporting and analysis, data can prove to be awkward. It can be plain wrong or it can be altoget...
08-09-2017 20:36:45 Simple Talk SQL Server
The Wrong Way to Clean Up the Internet
Having successfully fought several privacy battles, granting people the right to have themselves taken off Google search, and to have their ...
08-09-2017 14:03:21 Simple Talk SQL Server

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