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How to validate JSON Data before you import it into a database.
If you are, as you should be, checking JSON data in a whole lot of files before you import them into your database, you would do well to use...
16-11-2018 12:13:23 Simple Talk SQL Server
Are Tech Conferences Worth It?
In September, thousands of IT professionals, developers, and trainers descended on Orlando, FL, for Microsoft's Ignite conference. This was ...
15-11-2018 17:25:06 Simple Talk SQL Server
Getting Excel Data as JSON: Rainfall and Sheep-Counting
You might think that it is easy to get JSON data from a spreadsheet, and there are plenty of utilities around that are based on the idea tha...
14-11-2018 19:27:52 Simple Talk SQL Server
Voice Commands in Unity
Today, we use voice in many ways. We can order groceries, ask to hear certain musical recordings, and much more with voice commands to our d...
14-11-2018 05:52:14 Simple Talk SQL Server
SQL Server Auditing for HIPAA and SOX - Part 4
Regulations may require that you audit exactly who does what in your databases. Robert Sheldon explains how SQL Server can help you meet tho...
13-11-2018 23:03:57 Simple Talk SQL Server
Setting up a simple Rest interface with SQL Server
We're going to set up a web service for a SQL Server database using node js on a windows server. This is intended for a mobile application, ...
08-11-2018 13:44:36 Simple Talk SQL Server
PASS Summit Resolutions 2017 Followup
The summit is my favorite time of year, but this is literally my least favorite post of every year (and yes, I do consider NOT posting it ev...
03-11-2018 02:24:49 Simple Talk SQL Server
Creating Calculated Columns Using DAX
In this article, Andy Brown shares his knowledge of how to create calculated columns in tables, using Power BI as the host software (all of ...
02-11-2018 18:06:39 Simple Talk SQL Server
Data Security: Nowhere to Hide
In my view, data security is an abstract concept, just as abstract as money, religion and fascination all devised by humans. And anything th...
01-11-2018 03:23:22 Simple Talk SQL Server
SQLPSX is a useful library you can add to PowerShell to automate many DBA tasks. In this article, Laerte Junior demonstrates several useful ...
29-10-2018 16:16:06 Simple Talk SQL Server

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