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Power BI Introduction: Working with SQL Server data in Power BI Desktop — Part 5
Data for Power BI can come from many sources, but often the data is hosted in SQL Server. In this article, the fifth of the series, Robert S...
19-07-2018 04:17:58 Simple Talk SQL Server
Spoofing Data Convincingly: Masking Continuous Variables.
In any real numeric data from a database , you are only rarely going to see any sort of normal distribution of the values. Sales data will r...
18-07-2018 21:27:03 Simple Talk SQL Server
Playing with Cards in Bootstrap 4
Once again, Dino Esposito explains a Bootstrap 4 enhancement. This time, he explains how the card component replaces the well and panel clas...
18-07-2018 14:33:46 Simple Talk SQL Server
How to Successfully Deliver IT Projects in a Not-so-Agile Organization
Agile methodology for software delivery is accepted at many organizations but is not used everywhere. In this article, Mohammad Rizvi gives ...
18-07-2018 07:41:30 Simple Talk SQL Server
Understanding your Azure EA Billing Data and Building a Centralized Data Storage Solution
Many organizations are moving to Azure and other cloud providers. Understanding how resources are being used and what is spent is very impor...
18-07-2018 00:48:10 Simple Talk SQL Server
Spoofing Data Convincingly: Altering Table Data
When you are developing an existing database, or demonstrating it, you nowadays need pseudonymised data, or even better, completely anonymiz...
17-07-2018 12:20:12 Simple Talk SQL Server
Speaking on Row Level Security at SQL Saturday Louisville 7/21
Coming up this weekend, I will be at my 10th SQL Saturday 729 in Louisville, KY. My topic will be row level security and dynamic data maskin...
16-07-2018 19:51:46 Simple Talk SQL Server
The Top Five Things That DBAs Need to Monitor
Being a database administrator is much more than knowing how to install SQL Server and set up a database. One of the most important responsi...
14-07-2018 22:55:08 Simple Talk SQL Server
Star Trek's Vision of the Future
St. Louis, MO, has a wonderful museum called The St. Louis Science Center. If you are ever in the area, it's worth a visit. I'm lucky enough...
13-07-2018 09:05:52 Simple Talk SQL Server
I'm presenting this year
This year I decided that I wanted to give more back to the community in the way of sharing my (limited) knowledge. The first thing I did was...
13-07-2018 02:28:34 Simple Talk SQL Server

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