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Create Azure VMs with PowerShell Part 1
Azure virtual machines are created for many reasons, even just to have an environment to quickly test something out. In this article, Robert...
21-04-2018 04:55:31 Simple Talk SQL Server
Extending the Unity Editor with C#
The next step in learning how to create games in C# using Unity is to add extensions to get custom functionality. Lance Talbert shows you ho...
18-04-2018 17:51:04 Simple Talk SQL Server
Finding overlapping ranges of data
This week, I had a problem where I needed to find and eliminate from the results of my query, data with overlapping ranges. I have written a...
18-04-2018 06:57:21 Simple Talk SQL Server
When You Need A DBA: Inhouse Vs Outsourced
One big question for software developers and IT departments in small companies is always "should I hire a DBA?" The fact that one is asking ...
17-04-2018 22:49:03 Simple Talk SQL Server
Sharing is Caring: Using Memory Mapped Files in .NET
Sharing and reusing large objects between components and services can save time and computing resources. Tom Fischer explains how to take ad...
17-04-2018 16:03:13 Simple Talk SQL Server
Provisioning SQL Server Instances with Docker
With SQL Server 2017, Microsoft announced the exciting news that SQL Server would now run in Docker containers. Laerte Junior provides a gui...
16-04-2018 17:34:21 Simple Talk SQL Server
Creating Intelligent Bots Using the Microsoft Bot Framework
Azure, Microsoft's cloud, provides dozens of services to make cloud development fast without the need to worry about infrastructure such as ...
13-04-2018 02:25:45 Simple Talk SQL Server
Execution Plans and Data Protection
One of the most important tools for query tuning is ability to view execution plans. They are even portable; you can send an execution plan ...
10-04-2018 23:49:48 Simple Talk SQL Server
SQL Server Closure Tables
SQL Server has a couple of different ways to represent hierarchies, but they do not allow storing any additional information that is importa...
10-04-2018 17:12:40 Simple Talk SQL Server
Programming SQL Server with SQL Server Management Objects Framework
SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) is a great tool for managing SQL Server. Darko Martinovic demonstrates how to use SMO within a C# soluti...
10-04-2018 10:01:43 Simple Talk SQL Server

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