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Still More SQL Server Features that Time Forgot
As the final entry in this series, Robert Sheldon leads you through a group of forgotten features that have been removed from recent version...
18-11-2017 05:24:12 Simple Talk SQL Server
MSBuild: Targeting Your Needs
The Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) works seamlessly within Visual Studio, but it can also be used to build software where Visual Studio is...
17-11-2017 22:38:36 Simple Talk SQL Server
ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers for Bootstrap
The ASP.NET Core tag helpers improve on the HTML templated helpers in ASP.NET MVC 5. ASP.NET Core comes with some useful stock tag helpers f...
17-11-2017 15:40:52 Simple Talk SQL Server
Thinking About Non-Relational Databases
A couple of years ago, I was at a client site working to fix some SQL Server performance problems. Every three months, the organization rece...
16-11-2017 16:57:50 Simple Talk SQL Server
The Power of Three and the Wooden Computer
The mystery of one of the almost-forgotten pioneers of the computer starts Phil Factor on a quest to explore and simulate in SQL the arithme...
15-11-2017 19:36:27 Simple Talk SQL Server
Questions About the GDPR That You Were Too Shy to Ask
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect organisations in countries around the world, not just those in Europe. The GDPR re...
15-11-2017 02:15:07 Simple Talk SQL Server
Summarizing Data Using the GROUPING SETS Operator
Writing aggregate queries is one of the most important tasks for anyone working with T-SQL. Determining the expressions required in the GROU...
14-11-2017 19:34:54 Simple Talk SQL Server
Checking SQL Server with Policy-Based Management
Policy-Based Management, a feature of SQL Server, is a flexible tool that can help DBAs manage one or more SQL Server instances. It's used f...
09-11-2017 20:01:15 Simple Talk SQL Server
Hacking Visual Studio
Visual Studio, like any Integrated Development Environment, can host extensions for more specialist languages or development tasks. This sor...
03-11-2017 18:40:35 Simple Talk SQL Server
SQL Server R Services: Working with Multiple Data Sets
Although it is easy to use SQL Server R Services to create R scripts that incorporate SQL Server data by passing in a T-SQL query as an argu...
03-11-2017 12:00:35 Simple Talk SQL Server

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