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Introducing the Unity Job System
Performance is important to video game players. If a game is slow, the player may experience unintended difficulties in timing, positioning,...
18-09-2018 08:03:32 Simple Talk SQL Server
Using Azure Storage Explorer
Azure Storage can store many types of data, from NoSQL tables to VHDs. In this article, Supriya Pande explains how to work with Azure Storag...
18-09-2018 01:25:48 Simple Talk SQL Server
Power BI Introduction: Publishing Reports to the Power BI Service — Part 8
Power BI Desktop is typically used to create reports that will eventually be published to Power BI Services where dashboards can be built. R...
17-09-2018 17:38:27 Simple Talk SQL Server
Exhuming the GDPR Bodies
Since the GDPR has gone into effect, the focus has often been on databases. There are many other ways that personally identifiable data may ...
12-09-2018 22:09:38 Simple Talk SQL Server
Using WITH in an IF Condition
I am in the middle of working on my DB Design conference that occurs in a bit over a week from now. But I had this come up in some work I wa...
05-09-2018 07:13:27 Simple Talk SQL Server
Questions About HIPAA That You Were Too Shy to Ask
As a data professional or developer, you will likely have questions about how HIPAA impacts you and your day to day responsibilities. Rebecc...
04-09-2018 14:00:38 Simple Talk SQL Server
Security, Compliance, Data Ethics, and Breaking the "Not My Job" Mindset
Security, compliance, and data ethics are related concepts that everyone who works with software should know about, from the help desk to th...
31-08-2018 05:32:18 Simple Talk SQL Server
Advanced Testing of Your PowerShell Code with Pester
Testing your PowerShell scripts is just as important as testing any code. In this article, Robert Cain demonstrates how to use the testing t...
30-08-2018 22:52:53 Simple Talk SQL Server
10 Best Practices for Writing Oracle SQL
There is often more than one way to write a query that returns the same results, but some methods may perform better than others. In this ar...
30-08-2018 16:12:20 Simple Talk SQL Server
How to Linux for SQL Server DBAs — Part 1
As running SQL Server on Linux becomes more common, DBAs must learn and become comfortable with the Linux OS. In this article, Kellyn Pot'Vi...
29-08-2018 16:16:44 Simple Talk SQL Server

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