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ETL #73-NULL or NOT NULL and SQL Interview Questions
Today is the day after Thanksgiving. There are many things to be thankful so I decided to write a short post today. The first thing to be th...
25-11-2016 20:09:46 Sherry Li SQL Server
MDX - Putting Visual Totals on top or at the bottom
VisualTotals() function is a good choice to display the aggregated values for the result set ("visual" here implies that the aggregation wil...
01-04-2016 00:17:25 Sherry Li SQL Server
When a calculated measure is added NON EMPTY stopped working
We use NON EMPTY key word on the rows axis to remove rows with NULL values. It works only when all the measures are NULL. If any one of the ...
24-03-2016 14:16:42 Sherry Li SQL Server
Enormous response from the last promotional campaign
After I posted this blog MDX Cookbook is a popular book, I received another email from my MDX book publisher. Hi Sherry, Hope all is well wi...
24-03-2016 07:27:21 Sherry Li SQL Server
Consider removing the NON EMPTY key word from the COLUMNS axis
You might have seen error message like this from a SQL job that pulls data from an OLAP cube using OPENQUERY: The OLE DB provider "MSOLAP" f...
09-03-2016 01:21:10 Sherry Li SQL Server
MDX Cookbook is a popular book
I cannot believe that I have not posted any blog since May 2015! It's been a busy few months for my co-workers and I, working on an OLAP re-...
17-02-2016 01:24:26 Sherry Li SQL Server
ETL #71-Your data can mysteriously disappear after a WHERE clause was added (1)
Validations at end of ETL indicate missing data At the end of each ETL job, I always run some sort of validation process to give me an indic...
24-04-2015 17:42:36 Sherry Li SQL Server

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