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LDAP with auth_pam and PHP to authenticate against MySQL
In the quest to secure MySQL as well as ease the number of complicated passwords to remember, many organizations are looking into external a...
15-08-2017 16:18:45 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Query Reviews (part 2): pt-query-digest
Query reviews (part 1): Overview The 1st post in the series gave an overview of what a query review is and the value they can bring you. So ...
03-07-2017 19:16:00 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Why does the MySQL optimizer not do what I think it should?
In May, I presented two talks one called "Are you getting the best out of your indexes?" and "Optimizing Queries Using EXPLAIN". I now have ...
19-06-2017 18:54:36 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Proactive MySQL: Query Reviews (part 1, overview)
One task that can really help reduce future problems is to do a periodic query review. I've been using pt-query-digest to do this since 2010...
28-04-2017 17:48:35 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
What does pt-show-grants look like?
[note: A broken link from a defunct blog made me dig up this post from and re-post it here; Beginners may find this informative!...
22-04-2017 04:37:09 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Conference Tips!
For those going to Percona Live next week, I am re-sharing this blog post from September 2012 (from a now-defunct blog): As many folks know,...
21-04-2017 22:04:59 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Testing Advanced Log Flushing for Percona Audit
We use Percona's audit log plugin to keep a record of all our logins. Recently we did one of those tasks that everyone knows they should do,...
21-04-2017 15:28:47 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
MySQL DevOps First Step: Revision Control
MySQL environments are notorious for being understaffed MySQL is everywhere, and an organization is lucky if they have one full-time DBA, as...
31-03-2017 17:55:01 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Generating a MySQL Password
So, I've started a new job as a Senior Database Engineer at Salesforce, and one of the services I help provide is adding users to MySQL. We ...
15-03-2017 19:40:28 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL

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