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Why does the MySQL optimizer not do what I think it should?
In May, I presented two talks one called "Are you getting the best out of your indexes?" and "Optimizing Queries Using EXPLAIN". I now have ...
19-06-2017 18:54:36 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Proactive MySQL: Query Reviews (part 1, overview)
One task that can really help reduce future problems is to do a periodic query review. I've been using pt-query-digest to do this since 2010...
28-04-2017 17:48:35 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
What does pt-show-grants look like?
[note: A broken link from a defunct blog made me dig up this post from and re-post it here; Beginners may find this informative!...
22-04-2017 04:37:09 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Conference Tips!
For those going to Percona Live next week, I am re-sharing this blog post from September 2012 (from a now-defunct blog): As many folks know,...
21-04-2017 22:04:59 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Testing Advanced Log Flushing for Percona Audit
We use Percona's audit log plugin to keep a record of all our logins. Recently we did one of those tasks that everyone knows they should do,...
21-04-2017 15:28:47 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
MySQL DevOps First Step: Revision Control
MySQL environments are notorious for being understaffed MySQL is everywhere, and an organization is lucky if they have one full-time DBA, as...
31-03-2017 17:55:01 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL
Generating a MySQL Password
So, I've started a new job as a Senior Database Engineer at Salesforce, and one of the services I help provide is adding users to MySQL. We ...
15-03-2017 19:40:28 Sheeri K. Cabral MySQL

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