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MySQL on Docker: Running a MariaDB Galera Cluster without Orchestration Tools - DB Container Management - Part 2
As we saw in the first part of this blog, a strongly consistent database cluster like Galera does not play well with container orchestration...
21-06-2018 11:23:03 Severalnines MySQL
Comparing RDS vs EC2 for Managing MySQL or MariaDB on AWS
RDS is a Database as a Service (DBaaS) that automatically configures and maintains your databases in the AWS cloud. The user has limited pow...
20-06-2018 00:01:59 Severalnines MySQL
ChatOps - Managing MySQL, MongoDB & PostgreSQL from Slack
What is ChatOps? Nowadays, we make use of multiple communication channels to manage or receive information from our systems, such as email, ...
13-06-2018 16:55:32 Severalnines MySQL
How to Benchmark Performance of MySQL & MariaDB using SysBench
What is SysBench? If you work with MySQL on a regular basis, then you most probably have heard of it. SysBench has been in the MySQL ecosyst...
12-06-2018 11:07:41 Severalnines MySQL
MySQL on Docker: Running a MariaDB Galera Cluster without Container Orchestration Tools - Part 1
Container orchestration tools simplify the running of a distributed system, by deploying and redeploying containers and handling any failure...
07-06-2018 12:12:24 Severalnines MySQL
Webinar: MySQL & MariaDB Performance Tuning for Dummies
You're running MySQL or MariaDB as backend database, how do you tune it to make best use of the hardware? How do you optimize the Operating ...
05-06-2018 12:39:03 Severalnines MySQL
How to Recover Galera Cluster or MySQL Replication from Split Brain Syndrome
You may have heard about the term "split brain". What it is? How does it affect your clusters? In this blog post we will discuss what exactl...
01-06-2018 14:27:26 Severalnines MySQL
Understanding Deadlocks in MySQL & PostgreSQL
Working with databases, concurrency control is the concept that ensures that database transactions are performed concurrently without violat...
21-05-2018 13:30:54 Severalnines MySQL
Cloud Disaster Recovery for MariaDB and MySQL
MySQL has a long tradition in geographic replication. Distributing clusters to remote data centers reduces the effects of geographic latency...
18-05-2018 16:12:34 Severalnines MySQL
My MySQL Database is Corrupted... What Do I Do Now?
How do MySQL tables get corrupted? There are many ways to spoil data files. Often, corruption is due to defects in the underlying platform, ...
11-05-2018 15:13:08 Severalnines MySQL

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