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Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL - What You Should Know
Whether migrating a database or project from MySQL to PostgreSQL, or choosing PostgreSQL for a new project with only MySQL knowledge, there ...
16-03-2018 11:46:52 Severalnines MySQL
Comparing Oracle RAC HA Solution to Galera Cluster for MySQL or MariaDB
Business has continuously desired to derive insights from information to make reliable, smarter, real-time, fact-based decisions. As firms r...
15-03-2018 12:42:48 Severalnines MySQL
New Webinar on How to Design Open Source Databases for High Availability
Join us March 27th for this webinar on how to design open source databases for high availability with Ashraf Sharif, Senior Support Engineer...
06-03-2018 16:45:32 Severalnines MySQL
Failover for MySQL Replication (and others) - Should it be Automated?
Automatic failover for MySQL Replication has been subject to debate for many years. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? For those with long m...
02-03-2018 12:59:56 Severalnines MySQL
Updated: Become a ClusterControl DBA - Deploying your Databases and Clusters
We get some nice feedback with regards to our product ClusterControl, especially how easy it is to install and get going. Installing new sof...
07-02-2018 22:00:43 Severalnines MySQL
MySQL vs MariaDB vs Percona Server: Security Features Comparison
Security of data is critical for any organisation. It's an important aspect that can heavily influence the design of the database environmen...
30-01-2018 17:09:51 Severalnines MySQL
D-7: When in Europe, Join the MySQL Community Dinner at FOSDEM
It's kind of difficult to start a blog with something original that hasn't been written before when blogging about attending or sponsoring a...
26-01-2018 15:02:16 Severalnines MySQL
How to Secure Galera Cluster - 8 Tips
As a distributed database system, Galera Cluster requires additional security measures as compared to a centralized database. Data is distri...
25-01-2018 15:16:00 Severalnines MySQL
New Video - Ten Tips to Secure MySQL & MariaDB
This video, based on last weeks blog "Ten Tips to Achieve MySQL and MariaDB Security", walks you through ten different items to keep in mind...
18-01-2018 14:34:45 Severalnines MySQL
MySQL on Docker - How to Containerize Your Database - New Whitepaper
Severalnines is happy to announce that our new whitepaper "MySQL on Docker - How to Containerize Your Database" is now available to download...
16-01-2018 12:44:07 Severalnines MySQL

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