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Galera Cluster: All the Severalnines Resources
Galera Cluster is a true multi-master cluster solution for MySQL and MariaDB, based on synchronous replication. Galera Cluster is easy-to-us...
22-08-2017 12:15:19 Severalnines MySQL
What's New With MySQL Replication in MySQL 8.0
Replication in MySQL has been around for a long time, and has been steadily improving over the years. It has been more like evolution rather...
15-08-2017 13:25:07 Severalnines MySQL
DevOps Considerations for Production-ready Database Deployments
MySQL is easy to install and use, it has always been popular with developers and system administrators. On the other hand, deploying a produ...
26-07-2017 14:49:07 Severalnines MySQL
Tips & Tricks - DevOps Database Glossary for the MySQL Novice
When you need to work with a database that you are not 100% familiar with, you can be overwhelmed by the hundreds of metrics available. Whic...
25-07-2017 11:48:22 Severalnines MySQL
MySQL on Docker: Running Galera Cluster in Production with ClusterControl on Kubernetes
In our "MySQL on Docker" blog series, we continue our quest to make Galera Cluster run smoothly in different container environments. One of ...
06-07-2017 16:50:17 Severalnines MySQL
What's New with ProxySQL in ClusterControl v1.4.2
ClusterControl v1.4.2 comes with a number of improvements around ProxySQL. The previous version, also known as "The ProxySQL Edition", intro...
28-06-2017 14:57:49 Severalnines MySQL
Announcing ClusterControl 1.4.2 - the DevOps Edition
Today we are pleased to announce the 1.4.2 release of ClusterControl - the all-inclusive database management system that lets you easily dep...
27-06-2017 16:12:25 Severalnines MySQL
Docker: All the Severalnines Resources
While the idea of containers have been around since the early days of Unix, Docker made waves in 2013 when it hit the market with its innova...
21-06-2017 12:55:39 Severalnines MySQL
ClusterControl on Docker
(This blog was updated on June 20, 2017) We're excited to announce our first step towards dockerizing our products. Please welcome the offic...
20-06-2017 17:16:09 Severalnines MySQL
Watch the tutorial: backup best practices for MySQL, MariaDB and Galera Cluster
Many thanks to everyone who registered and/or participated in Tuesday's webinar on backup strategies and best practices for MySQL, MariaDB a...
15-06-2017 13:44:22 Severalnines MySQL

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