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Probability perspective on MySQL Group replication and Galera Cluster
Comparing Oracle MySQL Group Replication and Galera Cluster through a probability perpective seems quite interesting. At commit time both us...
19-09-2017 20:07:19 Serge Frezefond MySQL
MariaDB Backup released
MariaDB Backup has been released with MariaDB Server 10.1.23. It offers support for #MariaDB Compression and Encryption on Linux and Windows...
04-05-2017 07:50:30 Serge Frezefond MySQL
MariaDB AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Encryption Plugin
MariaDB 10.1 introduced Data at Rest Encryption. By default we provide a file_key_management plugin. This is a basic plugin storing keys in ...
20-04-2016 22:22:55 Serge Frezefond MySQL
MariaDB and Native JSON support ?
A question raised by my previous post is : What about MariaDB and native JSON support ? In my previous post I mentioned the possibility to u...
20-01-2016 15:41:22 Serge Frezefond MySQL
MariaDB JSON text indexing
It is not new that we can store a JSON content in a normal table text field. This has always been the case in the past. But two key features...
08-01-2016 19:58:12 Serge Frezefond MySQL
Using JSON’s Arrays for MariaDB Dynamic Columns
The JSON format includes the concept of array. A JSON object cant contain an attribute of array type. We have seen that we can use the Maria...
04-12-2015 09:04:36 Serge Frezefond MySQL
Using JSON as Dynamic Columns with MariaDB
MariaDB CONNECT storage engine handles access to JSON files through standard SQL. It comes with a set of UDFs (user defined functions) to ma...
02-12-2015 12:28:16 Serge Frezefond MySQL
MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine JSON Autodiscovery
The MariaDB CONNECT storage engine offers access to JSON file and allows you to see a external JSON file as a MariaDB table. A nice feature ...
24-11-2015 08:52:12 Serge Frezefond MySQL

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