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Periscope Data | What You Need To Know About SQL's GROUP BY
The SQL 'group by' is one of the most common keywords. Here is how it works, and a few special cases you want to be aware of
23-06-2017 13:22:33 Sean Plott Mishmash
Periscope Data | Precision Recall and ROC Curves for Pregnancy Tests
As a data nerd who hates taking chances, I thought I'd perform an example analysis on pregnancy tests to figure out whether or not the curre...
23-06-2017 06:38:32 Sean Plott Mishmash
Periscope Data | 3 Ways Communication Can Help Analysts Be More Successful
Being a great analyst is more than SQL, Python or reporting great analytics is a human exercise, a communications skill and way to grow a da...
22-06-2017 23:54:53 Sean Plott Mishmash
Periscope Data | Feature Release: Query Management
Over the past few months we've been working with customers to empower a new level of visibility and control over their databases. With great...
22-06-2017 17:08:10 Sean Plott Mishmash
Periscope Data | How ZeroCater Made Our Lunch Data-Driven: Survey Analysis and the IoT
Here at Periscope we absolutely love data, so I couldn't help but notice when our catering company, ZeroCater, brought in an amazing device ...
22-06-2017 10:27:51 Sean Plott Mishmash
Periscope Data | Using Spline Interpolation in SQL to Analyze Sparse Data
Data scientists use spline interpolation to produce smooth graphs and estimate missing values by "filling in" the space between discrete poi...
22-06-2017 03:40:30 Sean Plott Mishmash
Periscope Data | Introducing Color Themes: A New Way to Help Your Data Shine
Our latest feature release lets admins create custom color palettes that can be applied to Spaces, dashboards, and charts.
21-06-2017 20:59:10 Sean Plott Mishmash
Periscope Data | How to Get Started With AWS Spectrum in Minutes
AWS Redshift Spectrum is Amazon's newest database technology, allowing exabyte scale data in S3 to be accessed through Redshift. This is not...
21-06-2017 14:25:29 Sean Plott Mishmash
Periscope Data | SQL Query Order of Execution
The SQL order of execution defines the order in which the clauses of a query are evaluated. Let's look at how your query SQL executes, and h...
21-06-2017 07:49:24 Sean Plott Mishmash
Periscope Data | How Periscope Approaches Customer Support
Periscope Data is well known for its stellar customer support. Sunny Xu shares what makes her group unique and how she plans to scale the So...
21-06-2017 01:20:15 Sean Plott Mishmash

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