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A dozen things to do with Oracle APEX
For this year's Australian Oracle User Group conference I decided to consolidate some of my favourite things to do with 3 of my favourite AP...
06-12-2018 09:22:52 Scott Wesley Oracle
Lazy Loading Menu
I've been using the lazy loading concept demonstrated in Maxime's post quite a lot recently, I'd love to see this as a declarative feature o...
01-11-2018 16:53:28 Scott Wesley Oracle
ODC Appreciation Day : APEX Workspace Activity Logs
Everything gets a special day these days, and thanks to Tim Hall's encouragement, you can enjoy a vibrant display of appreciation for what t...
10-10-2018 18:17:19 Scott Wesley Oracle
Oracle Forms to APEX IDE Transition
If you would like a good high level run-down on why Oracle APEX is a great choice to modernise Oracle Forms, have a read of this. After list...
27-09-2018 06:53:48 Scott Wesley Oracle
Remove duplicate from APEX collection
One of my favourite SQL analytic functions is row_number(), and I've used it in the past to identify, then remove duplicates. In this case, ...
19-09-2018 03:20:39 Scott Wesley Oracle
Hide region if no data found
I have a diagnostic page where I hide regions that aren't relevant - ie, have no data returned. Here I create a dynamic action that executes...
17-09-2018 04:29:25 Scott Wesley Oracle
Add record count to collapsed region
I have a diagnostics page where I wanted to display how many records are in a collapsible region's title. The following is a simple solution...
14-09-2018 06:48:35 Scott Wesley Oracle
Enhancing the APEX Error Handling Function with Logger
Many, many moons ago, I created an error handling function for Oracle APEX, just like the original sample provided by Patrick Wolf for the 4...
10-09-2018 16:14:11 Scott Wesley Oracle
Client Side Dynamic Actions using jQuery Selectors
Consider a data entry page where it might be nice to capitalise the first letter of a person's name, for a number of fields. I understand I ...
05-09-2018 16:23:18 Scott Wesley Oracle
Pseudo Radiogroup in APEX Report
I'd be surprised if you've ever tried to put a radio group in a report, but if you've ever attempted it you might come across a post from Vi...
23-08-2018 16:08:49 Scott Wesley Oracle

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