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Emulating touch devices for Oracle APEX
In my Exploring AJAX presentation I had a frame that mentioned the ability for the Chrome browser to emulate the behaviour of a mobile devic...
12-03-2018 14:53:08 Scott Wesley Oracle
APEX Programmatic Spectrum
I listened to a session by Joel Kallman, and found myself thinking hard about this slide on the programmatic spectrum, diving into the conce...
29-01-2018 14:55:42 Scott Wesley Oracle
Data driven APEX icons
We have an application written with a heavily customised Theme 25 built for 10" tablets, and we feel the Universal Theme justifies the move,...
12-01-2018 01:15:05 Scott Wesley Oracle
Modify OracleJET Property at Runtime in APEX
OracleJET has attributes galore, but some are are (not yet) available to change at design time, so JavaScript code can be added to the chart...
09-01-2018 08:16:45 Scott Wesley Oracle
OracleJET JavaScript Customisation in APEX
I've finally got some regular hands on a 5.1 instance, and the shiniest tool in the box for me is OracleJET. Some months ago I spent a few d...
09-01-2018 01:32:44 Scott Wesley Oracle
ORDS Cross Origin Complaint
A few years ago while upgrading to APEX 5.0, we had a few issues when upgrading ORDS. My loose understanding is that from about ORDS 3.0.3, ...
21-12-2017 16:39:22 Scott Wesley Oracle
ORDS web services returning BLOBs
When it comes to deliving blobs from the database, I'm sure many of us have used, or came across a procedure that look like the one describe...
21-12-2017 02:18:06 Scott Wesley Oracle
On Controlling Use of Minified Code in APEX
Today I encounted an issue during regression testing for 5.1. An older application that doesn't use the Universal Theme, and hasn't really b...
20-12-2017 09:19:35 Scott Wesley Oracle
Friday Fun SQL Lesson - union all
Our office kitchen is unavailable this Friday, so the call was put out for pub lunch. After a couple of replies I decided to enter my reply,...
08-12-2017 07:31:21 Scott Wesley Oracle
Exporting an APEX page plus Shared Components
Imagine, if you will, a really large application. Perhaps it's a reporting application, and you've just created a new page (report) and an a...
07-12-2017 15:13:11 Scott Wesley Oracle

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