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Removing Outliers using stddev()
A colleague asked me about removing outliers from reports and I knew just the function to give a go. Some time ago I had to prove that some ...
23-06-2017 03:41:02 Scott Wesley Oracle
Annual Oracle release cycle coming?
Those of you on Twitter at the end of May, and certainly those at DOAG might have seen this announcement. Oracle changes the whole release c...
21-06-2017 18:08:36 Scott Wesley Oracle
Presentation: Dynamic Actions, Javascript, & CSS for APEX Beginners
My first webinar didn't do so well, perhaps my new home will have suitable internet capability, in this "innovate nation" of ours... My seco...
14-06-2017 23:02:08 Scott Wesley Oracle
I'm still here.
It has been some time since my last confession.It's been a while, but sometimes you get busy, ya know? And a different sort of busy, the sor...
14-06-2017 16:27:23 Scott Wesley Oracle
Make Radio Group look like UT Buttons
It's pretty easy to convert links in APEX reports to use the Universal Theme button look & feel, as I described here We can apply the same t...
29-03-2017 22:02:23 Scott Wesley Oracle
Frequent APEX questions
I've put a call out on the OTN APEX forum asking for suggestions from the community on what they think are frequent APEX questions, be it wi...
29-03-2017 15:27:46 Scott Wesley Oracle
Font APEX between versions
Sometimes, it's the little things in an application that make users happy. Sometimes, it's just the icon on a darn button, card, or menu tha...
13-03-2017 16:32:57 Scott Wesley Oracle
Understanding the User's Perspective
Recently I encountered what I thought was an interesting allegory in regard to software development and understanding the user experience. M...
25-02-2017 03:59:30 Scott Wesley Oracle
2016 Blog Review
It's February, so it must be time to do this. I explore what thoughts arise from looking back, and forward to the future. It helps me to rem...
07-02-2017 15:30:09 Scott Wesley Oracle
How did you get into programming in the first place?
If you want a sanity check on programming life, I recommend you follow @ThePracticalDev in some form. Recently a question was posed regardin...
02-02-2017 06:05:55 Scott Wesley Oracle

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