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Cassini. So long and thanks for all the pics
Recently I stumbled upon an amazing documentary called The Farthest about the Voyager spacecraft and their grand tour of the solar system. Y...
13-09-2017 17:55:16 Scott Wesley Oracle
Educational Eclipse
Last night around midnight I laid in bed hoping that thousands of people on the other side of the world took the opportunity to experience t...
22-08-2017 18:47:03 Scott Wesley Oracle
In Memory Session State - Simple Example
Not too long ago I encountered an interesting behaviour with session state, turns out not long after Dick Dral posted a very similar article...
17-08-2017 23:25:24 Scott Wesley Oracle
Revising jQuery with Oracle APEX
A few years ago I managed to bust out a book that explored my experiences using jQuery within Oracle APEX to solve various problems, many or...
17-08-2017 16:52:45 Scott Wesley Oracle
APEX Login Background Image Cover
For a while I've wanted to play with cover photos on login pages, and when Keegan asked a similar question on Twitter, I was curious enough ...
07-08-2017 09:20:35 Scott Wesley Oracle
Science Friday: Collect rocks, plant flag
Every year that goes by firms my realisation that putting people on the moon was an absolutely stunning achievement. Almost 50 years ago a m...
21-07-2017 00:18:15 Scott Wesley Oracle
Sans Kscope
A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend Kscope15, and while I wasn't there this year, I have bizarre feeling of involvement. The BuzzI ...
20-07-2017 17:44:41 Scott Wesley Oracle
Removing Outliers using stddev()
A colleague asked me about removing outliers from reports and I knew just the function to give a go. Some time ago I had to prove that some ...
23-06-2017 03:41:02 Scott Wesley Oracle
Annual Oracle release cycle coming?
Those of you on Twitter at the end of May, and certainly those at DOAG might have seen this announcement. Oracle changes the whole release c...
21-06-2017 18:08:36 Scott Wesley Oracle
Presentation: Dynamic Actions, Javascript, & CSS for APEX Beginners
My first webinar didn't do so well, perhaps my new home will have suitable internet capability, in this "innovate nation" of ours... My seco...
14-06-2017 23:02:08 Scott Wesley Oracle

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