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Friday Fun SQL Lesson - union all
Our office kitchen is unavailable this Friday, so the call was put out for pub lunch. After a couple of replies I decided to enter my reply,...
08-12-2017 07:31:21 Scott Wesley Oracle
Exporting an APEX page plus Shared Components
Imagine, if you will, a really large application. Perhaps it's a reporting application, and you've just created a new page (report) and an a...
07-12-2017 15:13:11 Scott Wesley Oracle
Exploring AJAX presentation
Wow, what a busy year. My blog archive is pretty thin this year, isn't it? I'm moving house next week, but I'm itching to get back into blog...
06-12-2017 16:07:49 Scott Wesley Oracle
Cassini. So long and thanks for all the pics
Recently I stumbled upon an amazing documentary called The Farthest about the Voyager spacecraft and their grand tour of the solar system. Y...
13-09-2017 17:55:16 Scott Wesley Oracle
Educational Eclipse
Last night around midnight I laid in bed hoping that thousands of people on the other side of the world took the opportunity to experience t...
22-08-2017 18:47:03 Scott Wesley Oracle
In Memory Session State - Simple Example
Not too long ago I encountered an interesting behaviour with session state, turns out not long after Dick Dral posted a very similar article...
17-08-2017 23:25:24 Scott Wesley Oracle
Revising jQuery with Oracle APEX
A few years ago I managed to bust out a book that explored my experiences using jQuery within Oracle APEX to solve various problems, many or...
17-08-2017 16:52:45 Scott Wesley Oracle
APEX Login Background Image Cover
For a while I've wanted to play with cover photos on login pages, and when Keegan asked a similar question on Twitter, I was curious enough ...
07-08-2017 09:20:35 Scott Wesley Oracle
Science Friday: Collect rocks, plant flag
Every year that goes by firms my realisation that putting people on the moon was an absolutely stunning achievement. Almost 50 years ago a m...
21-07-2017 00:18:15 Scott Wesley Oracle
Sans Kscope
A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend Kscope15, and while I wasn't there this year, I have bizarre feeling of involvement. The BuzzI ...
20-07-2017 17:44:41 Scott Wesley Oracle

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