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Docker with Oracle database: install patches automatically
Recently I had to install the patch for fixing cross-platform PDB transport bug onto the docker images with Oracle, so these are easy way ho...
06-12-2018 23:03:56 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
"Collection iterator pickler fetch": pipelined vs simple table functions
Alex R recently discovered interesting thing: in SQL pipelined functions work much faster than simple non-pipelined table functions, so if y...
13-12-2017 02:41:04 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
SQL*Plus tips #8: How to read the output of dbms_output without "serveroutput on"
When "serveroutput" is enabled, SQL*Plus executes "BEGIN DBMS_OUTPUT.GET_LINES(:LI NES, :NUMLINES); END;" after each command. That's why I d...
09-12-2017 23:48:40 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
Bug with integer literals in PL/SQL
This interesting question was posted on our russian forum yesterday: We have a huge PL/SQL package and this simple function returns wrong re...
08-12-2017 22:03:03 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
Oracle issues after upgrade to 12.2
Sometimes it's really hard even to create reproducible test case to send it to oracle support, especially in case of intermittent errors. In...
23-11-2017 23:07:09 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
Triggers and Redo: changes on 12.2
In one of the previous posts I showed How even empty trigger increases redo generation, but running the test from that post, I have found th...
19-11-2017 17:01:36 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
Adaptive serial direct path read decision ignores object statistics since 12.1
On versions Oracle uses objects' statistics to make direct path reads decision (of course, if "_direct_read_decision_st at...
19-11-2017 03:54:25 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
PL/SQL functions: Iterate and keys for associative arrays
Unfortunately associative arrays still require more "coding": we still can't use "indices of" or "values of" in simple FOR(though they are a...
02-10-2017 01:12:16 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle

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