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PL/SQL functions: Iterate and keys for associative arrays
Unfortunately associative arrays still require more "coding": we still can't use "indices of" or "values of" in simple FOR(though they are a...
02-10-2017 01:12:16 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
How to group connected elements (or pairs)
I see quite often when developers ask questions about connected components: Table "MESSAGES" contains fields "SENDER" and "RECIPIENT", which...
29-09-2017 04:53:32 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
Ampersand instead of colon for bind variables
I've troubleshooted one query today and I was very surprised that bind variables in this query were specified with &ersand instead of :co...
27-09-2017 20:59:55 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
Book advice: ORACLE SQL & PL/SQL Golden Diary by Asim Chowdhury
I've reviewed this book recently, and I highly recommend it as it has almost all that needed to become strong Oracle developer. You can chec...
10-08-2017 13:38:02 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
SQL validation during PL/SQL compilation
A recent posting on SQL.RU asked why Oracle doesn't raise such errors like "ORA-00979 not a group by expression" during PL/SQL compilation. ...
01-05-2017 01:41:06 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
Intra-block row chaining optimization in 12.2
I've wrote in previous post 4. Next row piece can be stored in the same block only with inserts. When you run update, oracle will place new ...
21-04-2017 04:45:10 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
How to speed up slow unicode migration of a table with xmltype columns
Recently I have had an issue with slow unicode migration of the database upgraded from 10g to The main problem was a table with xm...
20-02-2017 02:54:32 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
row pieces, 255 columns, intra-block row chaining in details
You may know about Intra-block row chaining which may occur when the number of columns in a table are more than 255 columns. But do you know...
12-02-2017 03:55:54 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
How even empty trigger increases redo generation
Very simple example:
22-09-2016 01:21:33 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle

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