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Identifying MySQL SSL communication using ngrep
Prior to MySQL 5.7 client communications with a MySQL instance were unencrypted by default. This plaintext capability allowed for various to...
13-10-2017 00:09:54 Ronald Bradford MySQL
Testing MySQL/MariaDB/Percona versions with Docker
Giuseppe Maxia has provided some great MySQL docker images. Percona and MariaDB also provide version via Docker Hub. In an attempt to have a...
30-12-2016 16:33:44 Ronald Bradford MySQL
Getting a clearer picture of http response time breakdown via CLI
I came across this handy python script that provides a http response breakdown in text. This saves you having to open up a browser and look ...
10-11-2016 16:55:37 Ronald Bradford MySQL
OTN appreciation day: The Performance Schema of MySQL 5.6+
To focus on just one point for OTN appreciation day on October 11 2016 and to the benefit of all users of MySQL is to consider the extremely...
11-10-2016 18:38:37 Ronald Bradford MySQL
MySQL Group Replication OOW Tutorial
Download Slides The second MySQL tutorial session at Oracle Open World was "MySQL Group Replication in a Nutshell" by MySQL Community Manage...
05-10-2016 22:34:53 Ronald Bradford MySQL
Presentations at Percona Live Amsterdam 2016
I was fortunate enough to give four presentations at the Percona Live 2016 event in Amsterdam. The slides for these are now available. Impro...
05-10-2016 15:58:55 Ronald Bradford MySQL
New UUID functions in MySQL 8.0.0
MySQL 8.0.0 introduces three new miscellaneous UUID functions of IS_UUID(), UUID_TO_BIN() and BIN_TO_UUID() joining the UUID() (in 5.0) and ...
28-09-2016 22:21:57 Ronald Bradford MySQL
Introducing the MySQL Cloud Service
The MySQL keynote at Oracle Open World 2016 announced the immediate availability of the MySQL Cloud Service, part of the larger Oracle Cloud...
23-09-2016 16:25:04 Ronald Bradford MySQL
A Brief History of Container Technology
The following is the text from a presentation slide at Oracle Open World 2016. While Docker has been playing a key role in adoption of the L...
21-09-2016 08:32:01 Ronald Bradford MySQL
MySQL Keynote at Oracle Open World 2016
Tomas Ulin made a number of key announcements at this year's State of the Dolphin and Customer Experiences keynote. MySQL Public Cloud, MySQ...
21-09-2016 01:49:08 Ronald Bradford MySQL

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