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Redshift support for psql
Am sure you know that psql doesn't go out of it's way to support Redshift natively. The existing features (in psql) that work with Redshift ...
12-08-2017 09:15:26 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Reducing Wires
Recently got an additional monitor for my workstation@home and found that the following wires were indispensable: USB Mouse Monitor VGA / HD...
02-08-2017 23:09:55 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Symbols in Redshift User Passwords work just fine
Recently read a few posts / discussions about people doubting Redshift not accepting (working-well with) ASCII symbols in User-Passwords. It...
29-07-2017 13:56:13 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Using generate_series() in Redshift
Considering that Redshift clearly states that it doesn't support (the commonly used postgres function) generate_series (), it gets very frus...
20-07-2017 19:00:27 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
horntail it is :)
I had been planning to contribute to Postgres Buildfarm by running it on one of my VMs and finally got that done... and horntail it is. A fe...
31-05-2017 05:00:31 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Patch: Using --no-comments with pg_dump
Recently I submitted a patch for review that allows a non-superuser to practically use a backup taken from pg_dump. Currently it is a kludge...
30-05-2017 22:27:45 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Using pg_dumpall to extract Role Globals off Google Cloud Postgres
Luckily the recent update to pg_dumpall works (without any extra effort) to dump Globals off the recently launched Google Cloud PostgreSQL s...
14-03-2017 11:29:32 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Redshift Limitations
Recently have been toying around with Redshift (a popular Data-Warehouse tool by AWS) a little bit and see some minor but obvious limitation...
11-03-2017 20:11:21 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Using pg_dumpall with AWS RDS Postgres
My patch (allowing a non-super-user to dump Globals) just got committed to Postgres 10.0. Besides the use mentioned above, this patch allows...
07-03-2017 19:22:24 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Watch an Online Movie: Wget -c + Chromecast
For all those who are in an odd situation where: They have a paid account to a Movie site (like Netflix etc.) And its not elaborate enough t...
23-12-2016 15:57:32 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL

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