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Update: RDS Prewarm script updated to fetch FSM / VM chunks
(This post is in continuation to my previous post regarding Initializing RDS Postgres Instance) This simple SQL "Initializes" the EBS volume...
19-11-2017 22:18:23 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Prewarming an RDS Postgres instance (after Restoring from Snapshot)
As many of you know, that AWS RDS Postgres uses EBS which has an interesting feature called Lazy Loading that allows it to instantiate a dis...
07-11-2017 13:06:00 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
First alpha release of PsqlForks - Menon
Primer: PsqlForks aims to support all DB Engines that (even partially) speak Postgres (psqlforks = psql for Postgres forks). Given that Psql...
13-10-2017 21:26:46 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
PsqlForks supports AWS IAM authentication for Redshift
With this commit, PsqlForks ( ) can now fetch credentials from AWS IAM. Read more about Redshift's support for generating database credentia...
12-10-2017 22:31:55 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
PsqlForks now recognizes RDS PostgreSQL separately
With this commit, PsqlForks ( ) now recognizes RDS PostgreSQL separately. This isn't utilized much yet, but the infrastructure is going to b...
12-10-2017 10:40:13 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
PsqlForks now recognizes PgBouncer
With this commit, PsqlForks knows when it's talking to PgBouncer (and not Postgres). Down the line, this should pave way for PsqlForks to mo...
28-09-2017 21:08:08 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
PsqlForks now supports CockroachDB
PsqlForks now supports CockroachDB in it's most basic form. You can check it's current SQL status here. $ /opt/postgres/master/bin/ psql -h ...
25-09-2017 16:09:28 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
PsqlForks now supports PipelineDB
After working on this PSQL variant that intends to support all Postgres forks, I finally narrowed down to naming it. Since this was essentia...
15-09-2017 14:39:27 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
psql \d now supports Interleaved / Compound SORTKEYs (in Redshift)
In continuation of support for Redshift series, now Describe Table (for e.g. \d tbl) shows SORTKEY details. This resolves Issue #6 and shows...
02-09-2017 07:32:23 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
psql \d now supports DISTKEY / SORTKEY / ENCODING (in Redshift)
This is in continuation of my work for psql to better support Redshift (read more here). Now \d table also provides Redshift specific proper...
31-08-2017 14:39:12 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL

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