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DO or UNDO - there is no VACUUM
What if PostgreSQL didn't need VACUUM at all? This seems hard to imagine. After all, PostgreSQL uses multi-version concurrency control (MVCC...
30-01-2018 15:47:55 Robert Haas PostgreSQL
The State of VACUUM
In a recent blog post, I talked about how why every system that implements MVCC needs some scheme for removing old row versions, and how VAC...
05-01-2018 20:42:40 Robert Haas PostgreSQL
Experienced PostgreSQL users and developers rattle off the terms "MVCC" and "VACUUM" as if everyone should know what they are and how they w...
18-12-2017 16:14:23 Robert Haas PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL's Hash Indexes Are Now Cool
Since I just committed the last pending patch to improve hash indexes to PostgreSQL 11, and since most of the improvements to hash indexes w...
26-09-2017 19:58:17 Robert Haas PostgreSQL
Plans for Partitioning in v11
The reaction to the new table partitioning feature in PostgreSQL 10 has been overwhelmingly positive, but a number of people have already as...
14-08-2017 23:00:25 Robert Haas PostgreSQL
Who Contributes to PostgreSQL Development?
In a talk which I gave at PGCONF.IN and, in a shorter version, at PGCONF.US, I had a few slides on who contributes to PostgreSQL development...
26-04-2017 15:43:35 Robert Haas PostgreSQL
New Features Coming in PostgreSQL 10
The list of new features coming in PostgreSQL 10 is extremely impressive. I've been involved in the PostgreSQL project since the 8.4 release...
08-04-2017 16:57:20 Robert Haas PostgreSQL
Parallel Query v2
A recent Twitter poll asked What is your favorite upcoming feature of PostgreSQL V10? In this admittedly unscientific survey, "better parall...
14-03-2017 18:10:05 Robert Haas PostgreSQL
Uber's move away from PostgreSQL
Last week, a blog post by an Uber engineer explained why Uber chose to move from PostgreSQL to MySQL. This article was widely reported and d...
02-08-2016 21:57:42 Robert Haas PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Regression Test Coverage
Yesterday evening, I ran the PostgreSQL regression tests (make check-world) on master and on each supported back-branch three times on hydra...
26-05-2016 23:26:01 Robert Haas PostgreSQL

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