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Interviews and niches
T-SQL Tuesday turns this month to the topic of job interviews. Kendra Little (@kendra_little) is our host, and I really hope her round-up po...
08-08-2017 05:15:40 Rob Farley SQL Server
Learning the hard way - referenced objects or actual objects
This month's T-SQL Tuesday is about lessons we've learned the hard way. Which, of course, is the way you learn best. It's not the best way t...
11-07-2017 05:19:29 Rob Farley SQL Server
DevOps and your database
I'm a consultant. That means I have to deal with whatever I come across at customer sites. I can recommend change, but when I'm called in to...
13-06-2017 02:54:43 Rob Farley SQL Server
"Stored procedures don't need source control…"
Hearing this is one of those things that really bugs me. And it's not actually about stored procedures, it's about the mindset that sits the...
09-05-2017 04:58:04 Rob Farley SQL Server
Time waits for no one
And technology changes as quickly as the numbers on a clock. A digital clock, of course - the numbers never change on an analogue one. I thi...
11-04-2017 13:12:25 Rob Farley SQL Server
SQL WTF for T-SQL Tuesday #88
The topic for this month's T-SQL Tuesday is: "Be inspired by the IT horror stories from , and tell your own daily WTF story. The truly origi...
14-03-2017 03:15:19 Rob Farley SQL Server
This month's T-SQL Tuesday post
is not here. It's over at I write about the new EstimatedRowsRead property, and in particular, about how Microsoft responded so well to the ...
10-01-2017 05:21:14 Rob Farley SQL Server
Backups - are you missing the point?
It's a common question "Do you have a backup?" But it's the wrong question. Very relevant for this month's T-SQL Tuesday, hosted by Ken Fish...
13-12-2016 02:29:38 Rob Farley SQL Server
How I prepare for a presentation
Some people say I talk a lot - but I guess it depends on the context. Certainly, for many years, I've been fairly comfortable about standing...
08-11-2016 05:10:31 Rob Farley SQL Server
PASS Summit 2016 - Keynote 2
Thursday! Kilt day. We start with Grant Fritchey (PASS' VP of Finance, in a kilt), talking about the various metrics of PASS, which show tha...
27-10-2016 18:19:38 Rob Farley SQL Server

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