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People I influence
This month's writing task is to describe a time when we influenced someone. Thanks to Jason Brimhall (@sqlrnnr) for hosting. I should've got...
12-12-2018 02:53:12 Rob Farley SQL Server
Non-SQL technologies
This month, Mala Mahadevan (@sqlmal) challenges us to write about technology to learn that isn't SQL. Interesting topic - I feel like there ...
13-11-2018 09:23:58 Rob Farley SQL Server
Where projects often go wrong
I don't write about our customers in a negative way. I just don't. I don't ever want a customer (or potential customer) to see what I've wri...
09-10-2018 13:18:13 Rob Farley SQL Server
Triggers - good or bad?
Long time readers might remember my posts from years ago about implementing Table-Valued Parameters in SQL 2005, or about TVPs in SSIS, and ...
11-09-2018 13:12:30 Rob Farley SQL Server
Developing a new niche for presenting
This year I wanted to set a goal for coming up with a new range of topics to present on. As much as I think a large portion of the SQL commu...
14-08-2018 14:42:05 Rob Farley SQL Server
Code I couldn't live without
This month's writing assignment is to describe code I wouldn't want to live without, and Bert (thanks for hosting, by the way!) actually say...
10-07-2018 14:51:58 Rob Farley SQL Server
Azure SQL Database
Bj rn Peters challenges us this month to write about Azure SQL Database, describing all our experiences and opinions about it. I'm not sure ...
12-06-2018 03:20:56 Rob Farley SQL Server
Getting started as a presenter
For me, the trick to getting started in presenting in the technical community was to find something which made sense to me, but that other p...
08-05-2018 13:51:01 Rob Farley SQL Server
The tools in my day
Another month, another writing assignment for T-SQL Tuesday - although I did have a post go live over at, where I wrote a...
10-04-2018 07:09:04 Rob Farley SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday #100
When T-SQL Tuesday started back in late 2009, I have to admit that I wasn't sure why Adam used three digits. I didn't know whether it would ...
14-03-2018 00:39:43 Rob Farley SQL Server

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