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12.2 Index Deferred Invalidation (Atomica)
One of the useful little features quietly introduced with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 is the ability to now defer the invalidation of depe...
30-05-2017 03:58:20 Richard Foote Oracle
12.2 Some Cool Partitioning New Features (Big Wheels)
I previously discussed just how easy it is to convert online a non-partitioned table to be partitioned with Oracle Database 12.2. Thought I ...
05-04-2017 10:54:23 Richard Foote Oracle
Big Announcement – New Job, New Country (A New Career In A New Town)
After 5 1/2 years at Oracle Corporation, I've decided to leave and take on a very exciting new challenge !! President Trump's office have ac...
31-03-2017 16:34:45 Richard Foote Oracle
12.2 Online Conversion of a Non-Partitioned Table to a Partitioned Table (A Small Plot Of Land)
In my previous post, I discussed how you can now move heap tables online with Oracle Database 12.2 and how this can be very beneficial in he...
27-03-2017 03:02:44 Richard Foote Oracle
Let's Talk Database: New Dates Released (You Can't Talk)
Good news for all you Oracle Database folk in ANZ. I'll be running a new series of "Let's Talk Database" sessions at a venue near you in the...
16-03-2017 07:35:43 Richard Foote Oracle
12.2 Moving Tables Online (Real Cool World)
One of the really cool new features introduced in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 is the capability to MOVE tables ONLINE, while maintaining a...
15-03-2017 08:53:36 Richard Foote Oracle
12.2 Index Advanced Compression "High" Part IV (The Width of a Circle)
A quick post (for me) with a long weekend beckoning In Part I, Part II and Part III of looking at the new Index Advanced Compression level o...
10-03-2017 06:45:46 Richard Foote Oracle
Hotsos Symposium 2017: Feb 27 – Mar 2 Dallas, Texas (I'm Afraid of Americans)
In just 3 weeks time, I'll again have the pleasure of presenting at the awesome Hotsos Symposium in Dallas, Texas. It's simply the best conf...
06-02-2017 08:19:35 Richard Foote Oracle
12.2 Index Advanced Compression "High" Part III (I Can't Give Everything Away)
If you like the look of the new Index Advanced Compression setting of "High" available with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 as I've discussed ...
25-01-2017 06:44:08 Richard Foote Oracle
12.2 Index Advanced Compression "High" Part II (One Of My Turns)
In Part I, I introduced the new Index Advanced Compression default value of "HIGH", which has the potential to significantly compress indexe...
12-12-2016 08:11:10 Richard Foote Oracle

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