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Improve Data Clustering on Multiple Columns Concurrently (Two Suns in the Sunset)
I've had a couple of recent discussions around clustering and how if you attempt to improve the clustering of a table based on a column, you...
12-03-2018 10:46:35 Richard Foote Oracle
Trivadis Performance Days 2018
I'm very excited and privileged to be asked to present the opening and closing sessions at this year's Trivadis Performance Training Days in...
08-03-2018 02:22:24 Richard Foote Oracle
My New David Bowie Blog
Just a short note to say I've started a new blog that we focus on the one and only David Bowie: Those of you that only vaguely know me, know...
07-03-2018 00:44:43 Richard Foote Oracle
Oracle Database 18c: Introduction to Memoptimized RowStore (Memory of a Free Festival)
One of the potentially cool new features introduced in Oracle Database 18c is the Memoptimized RowStore, designed to improve the performance...
05-03-2018 07:16:53 Richard Foote Oracle
Oracle Database 18c Indexing Related New Features (New Angels of Promise)
Although the recently released Oracle 18c Database is really just under the covers, there are a few little features and enhancement...
27-02-2018 06:22:06 Richard Foote Oracle
European Indexing Internals Seminar Events: Please Help Me Select (Station To Station)
I'm currently determining which European countries to initially target for a series of my 2 day Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices...
20-02-2018 03:46:59 Richard Foote Oracle
Index Skip Scan: Potential Use Case or Maybe Not ? (Shine On You Crazy Diamond)
While answering a recent question on a LinkedIn forum, it got me thinking whether there's a potential use case for using an INDEX SKIP SCAN ...
30-01-2018 13:23:17 Richard Foote Oracle
Announcement: Oracle Indexing Internals Seminars Coming to New Zealand in March 2018 (Shipyards of New Zealand)
I'm very pleased to announce I've now finalised some dates in New Zealand for my popular and highly acclaimed "Oracle Indexing Internals and...
22-01-2018 02:37:01 Richard Foote Oracle
Early Bird Extension – UK February Dates: "Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices" Seminar
As a Christmas present to those in the UK looking at attending my "Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices" seminar in February next ye...
20-12-2017 07:56:32 Richard Foote Oracle
Great Britain and Northern Ireland February 2018 Dates: "Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices" Seminar (Battle For Britain)
Attention Oracle Professionals in the United Kingdom !! I have now finalised all the dates and venues for a series of my popular and critica...
17-11-2017 07:54:51 Richard Foote Oracle

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