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SQL Injection: casting can introduce additional single quotes
declare @inject nvarchar(4000) = NCHAR(0x02bc) + N'; select 1/0; select ' + nchar(0x02bc); declare @safe nvarchar(4000) = REPLACE(@inject, N...
24-11-2017 15:07:25 Remus Rusanu SQL Server
Identifying SqlConnection objects in a dump
I recently had to troubleshoot an ADO.Net connection pool exhaust issue. This problem may indicate a connection leak, but it can also be cau...
23-09-2017 09:01:56 Remus Rusanu SQL Server
Understanding SQL Server Query Store
Query Store was introduced in SQL Server 2016 and on Azure SQL DB v12 as a way to track query execution statistics. When Query Store is enab...
01-04-2016 11:39:44 Remus Rusanu SQL Server
After 145 months of employment with Microsoft, at the beginning of March 2016 I quit the SQL Server team to pursue my dream of creating a be...
18-03-2016 15:40:57 Remus Rusanu SQL Server

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