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Speaking At DOAG 2018 Conference And IT Tage 2018
I will be speaking at the yearly DOAG conference in December as well as at the IT Tage in November. My talk will be "Oracle Optimizer System...
18-07-2018 23:00:05 Randolf Geist Oracle
Speaking At DOAG 2018 Exa & Middleware Days In Frankfurt
I will be speaking at the DOAG 2018 Exa & Middleware Days in Frankfurt on June 18th and 19th. My talk will be "Exadata & InMemory Real World...
08-04-2018 15:37:10 Randolf Geist Oracle
No Asynchronous I/O When Using Shared Server (Also Known As MTS)
I've recently had a case at a client where it was questioned why a particular application was seemingly not making full use of the available...
14-03-2018 17:58:02 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle Database Physical I/O IOPS And Throughput Benchmark
General Information I've used a similar set of scripts quite a few times now to provide feedback to customers that wanted to get a more real...
07-03-2018 19:44:42 Randolf Geist Oracle
DOAG 2017 and IT Tage 2017 Presentation Material
First of all Happy New Year to everyone and I want to thank the numerous people that attended my sessions "Calamities With Cardinalities" at...
24-01-2018 09:11:21 Randolf Geist Oracle
DOAG Red Stack Magazin Artikelreihe "Oracle Database Cloud Performance" (German)
In der aktuellen Ausgabe des f r Mitglieder der DOAG, SOUG und AOUG kostenlosen DOAG Red Stack Magazins wurde der erste Teil meiner zweiteil...
28-06-2017 18:55:18 Randolf Geist Oracle
New workshop "Exadata For Developers"
Just a short note that I've developed a new two day course that covers all relevant features that a database application developer should kn...
31-05-2017 23:15:46 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS) Performance - Part 4 - Network
In the last part of this installment I'll have a brief look at the network performance measured in the Oracle DBaaS environment, in particul...
06-02-2017 08:18:58 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS) Performance - Part 3 - Storage - 12.2 Update
Recently I repeated the I/O related tests on a instance for curiosity and was surprised by the fact that I consistently got signifi...
30-01-2017 08:46:23 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS) Performance - Part 2 - Storage
In this second part of this installment I'll focus on the performance figures related to I/O encountered when the corresponding tests were p...
23-01-2017 08:31:02 Randolf Geist Oracle

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