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DOAG Red Stack Magazin Artikelreihe "Oracle Database Cloud Performance" (German)
In der aktuellen Ausgabe des f r Mitglieder der DOAG, SOUG und AOUG kostenlosen DOAG Red Stack Magazins wurde der erste Teil meiner zweiteil...
28-06-2017 18:55:18 Randolf Geist Oracle
New workshop "Exadata For Developers"
Just a short note that I've developed a new two day course that covers all relevant features that a database application developer should kn...
31-05-2017 23:15:46 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS) Performance - Part 4 - Network
In the last part of this installment I'll have a brief look at the network performance measured in the Oracle DBaaS environment, in particul...
06-02-2017 08:18:58 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS) Performance - Part 3 - Storage - 12.2 Update
Recently I repeated the I/O related tests on a instance for curiosity and was surprised by the fact that I consistently got signifi...
30-01-2017 08:46:23 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS) Performance - Part 2 - Storage
In this second part of this installment I'll focus on the performance figures related to I/O encountered when the corresponding tests were p...
23-01-2017 08:31:02 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle Parallel Execution Deep Dive Session
Here is a recording of a session I did a while ago, covering how to understand the essentials of Oracle Parallel Execution and how to read t...
16-01-2017 08:26:46 Randolf Geist Oracle
12c Adaptive Joins Plus Statistics Feedback For Joins Cardinality Estimate Bug
I've encountered a bug at several clients that upgraded to Oracle 12c - - that requires the combination of several new adaptive fea...
09-01-2017 08:24:28 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS) Performance - Part 1 - CPU
After having looked at the performance consistency provided by the Oracle Database Cloud offering in the previous series, I'll focus here on...
03-01-2017 10:15:19 Randolf Geist Oracle Interviews (German)
In den letzten Wochen sind zwei Interviews ver ffentlicht worden, die die DOAG mit mir im Rahmen der j hrlichen DOAG Konferenz in N rnberg d...
27-12-2016 11:13:44 Randolf Geist Oracle
Oracle ACE Director Alumni Status
I've recently requested to be removed from the Oracle ACE program and move to the "Alumni" status. I've already felt for a quite a while now...
13-12-2016 23:50:53 Randolf Geist Oracle

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