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Locks talk this Friday, at PostgresOpen! (2018-09-07)
Attending PostgresOpen? Come join me Friday for a gentle introduction to locks in PostgreSQL. My example-driven talk covers basic lock theor...
06-09-2018 02:50:49 Hacks o’Clock (Quinn Weaver) PostgreSQL
A word of praise for TextBelt
Quite often I need to kick off a long-running process for a client, then resume work immediately once it's done. pg_restore, pg_basebackup, ...
10-07-2017 03:32:25 Hacks o’Clock (Quinn Weaver) PostgreSQL
The PATH of cron
Short version Postgres Plus keeps psql out /usr/bin, so you need to set PATH in your cron jobs (including for WAL-E). Longer version Like al...
08-07-2017 01:46:41 Hacks o’Clock (Quinn Weaver) PostgreSQL
Change autovacuum_freeze_max_age without a restart (sort of…)
This blog post is kind of involved, so I'm giving a short version at the top, with some background for beginners at the bottom. The middle s...
30-03-2017 22:02:28 Hacks o’Clock (Quinn Weaver) PostgreSQL
Blocked by rdsadmin
One of our clients on RDS had a VACUUM FREEZE that was hanging for a long time. "I bet it's waiting on a lock," I thought. Yup, but the curi...
17-01-2016 08:16:31 Hacks o’Clock (Quinn Weaver) PostgreSQL

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