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Configure SQL Server 2017 on Linux with mssql-conf, the Linux way
The configuration of any system plays a vital role in its working efficiently. However, configuring a system needs not necessarily be a daun...
13-12-2017 17:21:23 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server
An introduction to a SQL Server 2017 Graph database
What is a graph database? A graph is composed of two elements: a NODE (vertices) and an EDGE (relationship). Each node represents entities, ...
04-12-2017 16:45:20 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server
SQL Server 2017 : Data Transformation and Interpolation using Python
As a continuation to my previous article, How to use Python in SQL Server 2017 to obtain advanced data analytics, a little bit of curiosity ...
21-11-2017 17:53:42 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server
SQL Server Log Shipping on Linux
Log shipping is a high-availability configuration that perhaps most of us are familiar with. It's one of the oldest techniques wherein we sh...
13-11-2017 18:34:54 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server
An overview of Python vs PowerShell for SQL Server Database Administration
Today, Microsoft claims that Linux runs like a First-Class citizen on Azure, .NET Core has been open-sourced, and has been ported over to Li...
02-11-2017 19:58:20 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server
Why would a SQL Server DBA be interested in Python?
If we follow blogs and publications on the technological advancement with respect to SQL, we notice the increase in the number of references...
23-10-2017 23:20:25 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server
Dynamic Data Masking – Tracking all masked columns in your database
Originally posted on dotnetvibes: I have presented on Making Developers lives easier with SQL Server 2016 multiple times over the last coupl...
23-10-2017 16:37:39 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server
Monitoring SQL Server database status changes using T-SQL and PowerShell scripts
Monitoring a SQL Server database is a critical component of database administration. Ninety percent of the organizations expect the number o...
17-10-2017 15:58:03 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server
The evolution of SQL Server towards Digital Transformation challenges
SQL Server on Linux boosts the database market for Microsoft. Support of PolyBase (a feature to work with Big Data providers), In-Memory Opt...
09-10-2017 18:05:05 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server
How to configure Always Encrypted in SQL Server 2016 using SSMS, PowerShell and T-SQL
In an era of remote storage and retrieval of data, including the cloud, data security plays a vital role, especially since it's vulnerable d...
02-10-2017 17:12:43 Prashanth Jayaram SQL Server

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