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SQL SERVER – FIX – Error 1402 – Could not Open Key: UNKNOWN\Components – System Error 5 (Another Solution)
I encountered this error while installing KB3045311. In fact, you might get such errors when installing any patch for one of my customers. T...
21-04-2018 03:44:30 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – FIX: Unable to Create Distribution Database on a UNC Share – Configure Distribution
Whenever we try to use Configure Distribution option in SSMS in a SQL Server instance which is configured on a UNC Path, the wizard will not...
20-04-2018 03:32:05 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Unable to Start SQL After Patching – Database SSISDB is Enabled for Database Mirroring
I do apply patches to my SQL instances as and when they are released by Microsoft. This is important because I always feel keeping the bits ...
19-04-2018 04:51:34 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Steps to Deploy Distributed Availability Group – Windows Clusters in Different Domains
In the current era where companies' mergers and take over is a common phenomenon, it is possible to run into a situation where there are two...
18-04-2018 04:25:02 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Event ID 1069 – Unable to Failover Clustered Instance to Another Node. Resource is not Loaded
While playing with my lab cluster, I ran into a situation. In this blog, we would learn about a situation where failover was not working fro...
17-04-2018 04:41:24 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Unable to Add Node – Could not find subkey System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ MSSQLFDLauncher. Error code 0x851B0001
After a bit of testing on my lab server, I was able to reproduce the issue! We will not see a feature listed on the Features Page if the res...
16-04-2018 04:08:58 Pinal Dave SQL Server
What are Ports Needed to Configure Log Shipping? – Interview Question of the Week #169
Question: What are Ports Needed to Configure Log Shipping? First appeared on What are Ports Needed to Configure Log Shipping? Interview Ques...
15-04-2018 04:39:54 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Be Careful with Logon Triggers – Don't use Host_Name
Before you read further, let me warn you that Logon triggers are potentially evil and might also end up locking everyone out of the instance...
14-04-2018 04:10:34 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Error: 1067 – Unable to Bring Analysis Service Online in Cluster
Even after working with many clients on various issues (Always On, Deployment, Performance Tuning) I always get new challenges as a part of ...
13-04-2018 04:00:10 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQLPASS Pre-Con: 21 Essential Scripts: Jump-Start Performance Tuning for Accidental DBAs
If you are traveling to SQL PASS, Seattle this year, you do not want to miss out on my pre-con: 21 Essential Scripts: Jump-Start Performance...
12-04-2018 03:52:32 Pinal Dave SQL Server

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