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SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Incorrect Results with Decimal
It has been a while we have seen a puzzle on this blog and I keep on receiving emails and comments that you all would love to see one more p...
28-06-2017 04:24:42 Pinal Dave SQL Server
MySQL – Fix – Error – Your Password does not Satisfy the Current Policy Requirements
Just the other day I received an email from a MySQL user who has been struggling to set up his password due to the current policy requiremen...
27-06-2017 04:14:33 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – FIX: Msg 3009, Level 16 – Could not Insert a Backup or Restore History Detail Record in the msdb Database
As most of my blogs, this blog is also an outcome of an interesting engagement with a client. While trying to help one of my clients to reco...
26-06-2017 04:16:01 Pinal Dave SQL Server
What is Copy Only Backup in SQL Server? – Interview Question of the Week #128
Question: What is Copy Only Backup in SQL Server? Answer: This is another interesting question I received the other day. The question was in...
25-06-2017 04:10:15 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Error: Timeout (30000 milliseconds) Waiting for the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) Service to Connect
I have been dealing with a client who observed that SQL services not starting up after a server reboot. When I asked them to check event log...
24-06-2017 04:03:58 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Msg 3168, Level 16 – The Backup of the System Database on the Device Cannot be Restored Because it was Created by a Different Version of the Server
In the recent past, I have written a blog about Ransomware. Here is the link. SQL SERVER - How to Protect Your Database from Ransomware?. In...
23-06-2017 03:50:34 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Unable to Restore from URL – The Specified URL Points to a Block Blob. Backup and Restore Operations on Block Blobs are not Permitted
With Microsoft Azure pitching in the market, I am getting few clients who want me to assist them for errors related to Azure as well. As a p...
22-06-2017 03:36:04 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – FIX: Msg 15170, Level 16, This login is the Owner of 1 Job(s). You Must Delete or Reassign these Jobs Before the Login can be Dropped
In our real life, there are lots of dependencies and same is true with SQL Server as well. This blog also talks about inability to drop a lo...
21-06-2017 03:50:30 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – New Quality of Database Documentation – Dataedo
I recently stumbled upon an interesting tool - Dataedo, quite powerful database documentation tool. It enables describing each table and col...
20-06-2017 18:42:49 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Upgrade Failure – The Cluster Resource is Not Online. Bring the Analysis Services Server Online Before Starting the Upgrade Process
Many customers want to do in-place upgrade of SQL Server instance to avoid the hardware cost and downtime. There are various pros and cons f...
20-06-2017 04:09:01 Pinal Dave SQL Server

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