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SQL SERVER – Installation Error: The Specified Value ‘Install' for ACTION is Invalid
I was helping a client to install SQL Server using script/automation (without using UI). They wanted to do command-line install rather than ...
20-07-2018 03:54:26 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Backup Error: 3636 – An Error Occurred While Processing BackupMetadata
Recently one of my old clients contacted me and informed that they are having an issue with database backup on the secondary replica. In thi...
19-07-2018 04:28:02 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Backup to URL – Script to Perform Stripped Backup using Shared Access Signature (SAS)
Here are my previous blogs about Backup to URL, I have share scripts to take backup using Access Keys and SAS Token. One of my blog readers ...
18-07-2018 03:44:22 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Backup to URL – Script to Generate Credential and Backup using Shared Access Signature (SAS)
As I mentioned in my earlier blog, backup to URL is one of the common methods used in SQL Server performs a backup to Azure Blob Storage. In...
17-07-2018 04:17:55 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Msg 3292: A Failure Occurred While Attempting to Execute Backup or Restore With a URL Device Specified
In my recent project with a customer, they wanted to configure SQL backups to Azure Blob Storage. When we were trying to take a backup, we w...
16-07-2018 03:36:17 Pinal Dave SQL Server
How to Convert Hex Windows Error Codes to the Meaningful Error Message – 0x80040002 and 0x80040005 and others? – Interview Question of the Week #182
This blog is not specific to SQL Server, but I have recently seen hex error codes in SQL Server ERRORLOG and it took me little time to get t...
15-07-2018 04:30:11 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Execution Plan Ignores Tabs, Spaces and Comments
Just another day I was delivering my training SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop, I noticed that organizations had many stored...
14-07-2018 04:01:11 Pinal Dave SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Why Such a Complicated Execution Plan for a Single Row, Single Table Query?
It has been awhile since I asked any puzzle on, Let us see a very simple puzzle today which involves execution plan as well...
13-07-2018 03:53:21 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Scalability and Availability Challenges and Shareplex Solutions
If you ask any DBA in the world about their wildest dream, they will always say that want to manage a huge database platform which is scalab...
12-07-2018 03:31:26 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Class Preparation and Setup
This blog post is a follow-up a blog post in the series of the blog post I am writing for my most popular online class Practical Real World ...
11-07-2018 04:18:50 Pinal Dave SQL Server

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