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The following statement usually is valid and the function returns 1. But sometimes it is invalid and sometimes the function returns 0. CREAT...
06-09-2018 04:25:49 Peter Gulutzan MySQL
Let's start by combining one new MariaDB feature -- VALUES (5) which is the standard equivalent of the old non-standard "SELECT 5" -- with a...
23-04-2018 00:16:54 Peter Gulutzan MySQL
The simultaneous_assignment mode in MariaDB 10.3.5
Starting with MariaDB 10.3.5, if you say sql_mode = 'simultaneous_assignment' , then UPDATE t SET a = b, b = a; will swap b and a because a ...
21-03-2018 19:48:24 Peter Gulutzan MySQL
The Tarantool SQL Alpha
Tarantool, a Lua application server plus NoSQL DBMS, is now an SQL DBMS too, in alpha version 1.8. I was interested in how the combination "...
15-12-2017 01:42:38 Peter Gulutzan MySQL
Reserved Words
In the 1990s C.J.Date said: "The rule by which it is determined within the standard that one key word needs to be reserved while another nee...
03-11-2017 22:54:57 Peter Gulutzan MySQL
No more mysql.proc in MySQL 8.0
MySQL has thrown away the mysql.proc table for version 8.0 Development Releases. The best explanation that I've seen is the one that Dmitry ...
22-08-2017 23:04:14 Peter Gulutzan MySQL
The SQL Standard is SQL:2016
Now the words "SQL Standard" mean ISO/IEC 9075 Information technology -- Database languages -- SQL ... 2016" or more briefly SQL:2016. I am ...
27-04-2017 22:05:09 Peter Gulutzan MySQL
MySQL, MariaDB, International Components for Unicode
In an earlier blog post I wrote "MySQL has far better support for character sets and collations than any other open-source DBMS, except some...
11-04-2017 22:43:36 Peter Gulutzan MySQL
What sequences are, who supports them, and why they're better than GUIDs or auto-increment columns except when they aren't. What sequences a...
13-03-2017 23:28:43 Peter Gulutzan MySQL
PL/SQL in MariaDB
The Oracle 12c manual says "Oracle PL/SQL provides functionality equivalent to SQL/PSM:2011, with minor syntactic differences, such as the s...
16-01-2017 02:03:52 Peter Gulutzan MySQL

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