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amcheck: Verify the logical consistency of PostgreSQL B-Tree indexes
I've created a project page on Github for amcheck, a tool for verifying the logical consistency of PostgreSQL B-Tree indexes: The tool is pr...
10-05-2016 21:04:47 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
Suggesting a corrected column name/spelling in the event of a column misspelling
One small PostgreSQL 9.5 feature I worked on is the new hinting mechanism feature, which sometimes hints, based on a score, what you might h...
14-11-2015 15:25:00 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
Abbreviated keys for numeric to accelerate numeric sorts
Andrew Gierth's numeric abbreviated keys patch was committed recently. This commit added abbreviation/sortsupport for the numeric type (the ...
04-04-2015 16:19:00 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL

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