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Decoding files with pg_filenodemapdata
From time to time, you may need to figure out which file in a PostgreSQL data directory corresponds to a particular table or index in the da...
20-03-2018 06:26:26 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
Exploring SP-GiST and BRIN indexes visually using pg_hexedit
Support for both BRIN and SP-GiST access methods was recently added to pg_hexedit, the experimental hex editor framework for PostgreSQL rela...
09-01-2018 00:18:49 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
pg_hexedit now supports GiST, GIN, and hash indexes
I've added several enhancements to pg_hexedit, the experimental hex editor toolkit that allows you to open up raw PostgreSQL relation files ...
15-12-2017 21:56:24 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
pg_hexedit: Rich hex editor annotations for Postgres relfiles
I've written an experimental tool for presenting PostgreSQL relation files in a hex editor with annotations/tags and tooltips that show the ...
27-11-2017 03:07:34 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
amcheck "table-matches-index" enhancement now available, detects "freeze-the-dead" corruption
I'm pleased to announce that v1.2 of amcheck, a tool for detecting that PostgreSQL relations are logically consistent (that they do not appe...
26-10-2017 18:31:16 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
amcheck for Postgres 9.4+ now available from PGDG apt and yum repositories
amcheck, a tool for index corruption detection, now has packages available from the community Debian/Ubuntu apt repository, as well as packa...
16-10-2017 04:04:07 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Index bloat under a microscope
I've posted a snippet query to the PostgreSQL Wiki that "summarizes the keyspace" of a target B-Tree index. This means that it displays whic...
19-07-2017 09:00:51 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
amcheck: Verify the logical consistency of PostgreSQL B-Tree indexes
I've created a project page on Github for amcheck, a tool for verifying the logical consistency of PostgreSQL B-Tree indexes: The tool is pr...
10-05-2016 21:04:47 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
Suggesting a corrected column name/spelling in the event of a column misspelling
One small PostgreSQL 9.5 feature I worked on is the new hinting mechanism feature, which sometimes hints, based on a score, what you might h...
14-11-2015 15:25:00 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL
Abbreviated keys for numeric to accelerate numeric sorts
Andrew Gierth's numeric abbreviated keys patch was committed recently. This commit added abbreviation/sortsupport for the numeric type (the ...
04-04-2015 16:19:00 Peter Geoghegan PostgreSQL

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